Start the New Year Off Right! Top Tips from Deltek’s Leadership

Posted by Deltek Executive Team on January 18, 2019

Deltek Leadership Team - Tips for a Successful New Year

By The Deltek Executive Team

For people and companies alike, the new year is a time to reassess goals and focus on what’s important in the year going forward.  

Here members of Deltek’s Executive Team share their tips for making the most of the new year. Keep reading for perspectives from across our organization.

#1: Own Your Career
“In 2019, every individual needs to own their career path and be deliberate and intentional around their career actions. We all have aspirations, but how many of us really take the time to write down our goals with a defined plan? A goal without a plan is just a wish. Take ownership of understanding where you stand and what you can do to align yourself with the company’s goals, strategy and expectations. This can be accomplished by collecting input from others, particularly managers regarding strengths, areas of opportunities, gaps and blind spots.  Once this information is collected, work with your manager to create a development plan for filling in those areas of opportunity and capitalizing on your strengths.  Create achievable goals where you can measure your progress along the way.  Getting good at planning your goals is a lifelong skill that will pay dividends not only throughout your career but in your personal life too.”
 – Ed Hutner, Deltek SVP of Human Resources

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#2: Embrace Your Community
“Here at Deltek, we are proud to bring together like-minded project-focused professionals and provide the solutions that power their project success. We understand that our role is to help cultivate, grow and nurture the connection that we all share—and that together, we make up the Deltek Project Nation community. Who are the members of YOUR community? If you don’t know, now is the time to identify them—and the shared interests and needs that bring all of you together. Then consider the following: how can you foster more authentic connections with those in your community? How can you tap into your community to drive innovation and opportunity going forward? And how can you incorporate community engagement in your business strategy for the year to come?”
– Perry Hardt, Deltek SVP & CMO 

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#3: Stay Curious & Don’t Be Afraid To Ask “Why?”
“Throughout the course of business, making decisions without first understanding the underlying data can lead to poor judgement, inaccurate communication and missed opportunities. It makes business sense to instead start by asking ‘why.’ In fact, it’s critical to keep asking why until we truly understand the root cause of any analysis—even if we don’t like the result. With pertinent data on hand, we can examine that information from a historical perspective and gain insight into trends. Sometimes this means ultimately re-examining our decision-making processes, questioning expectations and even challenging our sources of information and ultimate conclusions. I encourage you to embrace a healthy sense of curiosity and do your part to support a workplace culture in which it’s okay to question ‘why.’”
– Mike Krone, Deltek SVP & CFO 

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#4: Know Where Your Data Resides!
“The start of a new year is a great time to review your data inventory and mapping—know where your company’s and your customers’ data resides. January also is a good month to revisit your company’s and your vendors’ data handling practices to ensure data is being handled in compliance with applicable laws. GDPR has changed the face of data privacy compliance, and project-based businesses should be mindful of all of the ways it might impact business operations.”
– Tracy Schampers, Deltek SVP & General Counsel

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#5: Ensure You Have the Right Visibility into Your Business
“For leaders of project-based businesses, visibility into all current projects within a single view is critical. The beginning of the new year is an excellent time to assess your current management dashboards and explore how you can improve visibility in your business for 2019. A single view gives you more control over where your projects stand from a resource, finance and timing standpoint. You can see which projects will make money, and which ones will fall short—allowing project managers and senior leadership to jump in before projects go off the rails—to ensure all your projects meet margin expectations and time commitments. This also enables leadership to promote transparency, which breeds healthy competition.”
– Natasha Engan, Deltek SVP of Global Consulting  

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#6: Commit To Customer Success
“At Deltek, we believe that how we care for our customers is a true measure of achievement in its own right. Simply put: when our customers succeed, so do we. The same holds true for your business! Start your new year by making a commitment to customer success. Create opportunities throughout the next 12 months to speak with your customers first-hand—there is no substitute for in-person discussion, particularly when it comes to truly hearing their challenges and pain points. Do whatever you can to foster a more personal relationship with your customers—at the end of the day, they may seek you out for your skills or solutions, but they will stay with you for your support and their relationship with you.”  
– Brian Daniell, Deltek SVP of Customer Care  

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By following these six tips, you will be on the right path to a more present, connected and successful 2019. Look for more insights from Deltek’s Leadership Team here on Deltek Project Nation throughout 2019.

From our team to yours, Happy New Year!