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Vanessa Edwards, CPI

Building a Competitive Advantage With Organizational Agility and Operational Resilience

Our industry has reached an inflection point and we must evolve - agility and resilience will help your agency succeed where others fail.

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LevelUp agency maturity model

LevelUp: A Checklist for Optimizing Agency Operations

Our LevelUp maturity model provides a benchmark to compare where your business stands today and a structured path to maturing your agency in 2020 and beyond.

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agency financial stability part 2

The 10 Question Guide to Financial Stability for Agencies Part 2

Vincent Dong of Ad-Vice Software & Consulting answers questions and shares financial best practices for agency leaders.

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agency financial stability part 1

The 10 Question Guide to Financial Stability for Agencies Part 1

Vincent Dong of Ad-Vice Software & Consulting offers strategic guidance on how agencies can find financial stability.

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Agency Trends For 2020 – What Every Management Team Should Know

Agency Trends for 2020 What Every Management Team Should Know

Deltek and Campaign surveyed staff at agencies across more than 30 countries worldwide to find a global snapshot of industry trends.

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agency collaboration

5 Ways for Agencies to be Agile in 2020

The creative agency industry is fast-moving – responding to world events in real-time and rapidly shifting client expectations. But what does the agency of the future look like?

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Vanessa Vollum CPI Consulting

2020 Marketing Services Industry Outlook with Vanessa Vollum

We sat down with Vanessa Vollum, President of Creative Performance, Inc., to tap into her wealth of knowledge on how the agency industry got where it is today, and where it is headed in 2020.

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5 Ways for Agencies to Handle Consistently Late Paying Clients

Chronically late-paying clients can be a burden on your cash flow and can put your agency at risk. Learn 5 ways you can ensure you get paid on time to maximize the cash flow of your agency.

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2019 IHAF Awards Show Recap: Powering Creative Genius

We recap what we learned at the 2019 In-House Agency Forum Conference and Awards show, including key learnings on how the right people, process, and technology power creative genius, leading to a more productive, efficient, and business partner centric in-house agency

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Level Up with Deltek

Level Up Your Agency in 2020

This maturity model will organize a sense of truth and clarity with the ability to manage projects, people and insightfully look at your budgets and actuals in real-time.

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