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Why Top Agencies Are Making Operational Changes

Hear why and how agency heavy hitters, Ogilvy and The Hallway, have made bold operation choices to stay relevant.

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Finally… An agency revenue forecast you can believe in!

We recently held a webinar to demonstrate how Deltek WorkBook software can help you achieve accurate revenue forecasting. One of the things that reall...

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How to Win in the Sport of Advertising

Is there a moneyball strategy for creative agencies? What are the hidden metrics for improved agency operations and consistent delivery.

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How the Best In House Creative Teams Work More Efficiently

I first wrote about this in 2014 when, after visiting with enterprise marketing and creative services teams, I started to see the emergence of something I called the creative production supply chain - something I saw smart organizations designing and continuously improving to create a competitive advantage...

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Nucleus Report: WorkBook Offers Agency Management Visibility & Insight

Recently, Nucleus Research embarked on a hands-on assessment of WorkBook from Deltek agency management software.  Among numerous key findings, Nucleus found that agencies were able to consolidate their disparate systems by replacing them with WorkBook, simplifying their technology environment and streamlining processes, saving businesses between five and 12 percent on project management.

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5 Training Tips to Survive the Project Management Marathon

There’s no argument that Project Managers (PM) are the lifeblood of many agencies. However, the support they receive and the tools they use — both abstract and physical — directly correlate to their consistency, which directly affects business. So as a top-level manager or PM, how do you become and nurture the best?

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Get more, from less, with a smart agency management system

Looking to maximize your productivity, and give employee morale a bump? Invest in an effective agency system. The environment in which today’s agencies work is complex. It’s dynamically transforming and evolving fast.

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Deltek Blogs

What really makes a modern agency…modern?

Is keeping creativity and flexibility at the forefront and using real-time data the answer? Can you ever be a modern agency? The agency world is ever changing and evolving to keep up with the needs of clients and their end users. Being in a transitional environment and a world of shrinking budgets brings more creative.

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Let’s Make a Big Noise About Small Business

We continue to recognize National Small Business Week - when we come together to celebrate the small businesses which create employment in local communities. It’s a time to reflect on the crucial role played by the smaller ventures and individual entrepreneurs in all fields, which truly add value to our economy and...

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4 Ways to Exceed Expectations as a Project Leader

What it takes to make the transition from traditional to modern agency

In a recent Ad Age webinar poll, 41% of the firms reported they’re “ getting there ” when asked if they are a modern agency. The agency model is shifting. As clients become more demanding and budgets, schedules and margins tighten, there are a number of key components for successful agency management you must pay...

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