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Adweek webinar David C. Baker

KPIs for the Healthy Agency

A summary of agency business expert, David C. Baker's advice for agencies, curated from interviews and research of 1,000+ professional firms, on the most critical milestones and key metrics agency leaders should use when establishing and evaluating their creative agency business.

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Deltek Marketing Agencies Blog Post

Innovating in Creative Operations

This summary of the key highlights from Creative Operations London, will help in-house and agency teams to find opportunities to not just improve the process of how creative work is produced at their organizations, but to not be afraid to innovate their creative operations by making small changes that lead to big impacts.

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Annual Roundup: Top 2017 Blogs on Project Management Header Image

How The Best In-House Creative Teams Work More Efficiently

I first wrote about this in 2014 when, after visiting with enterprise marketing and creative services teams, I started to see the emergence of something I called the creative production supply chain - something I saw smart organizations designing and continuously improving to create a competitive advantage.

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So, What Exactly IS Creative Operations?

Creative Operations is the field responsible for increasing timeliness, capacity and compliance in the creative production process.

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