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2019 IHAF Awards Show Recap: Powering Creative Genius

We recap what we learned at the 2019 In-House Agency Forum Conference and Awards show, including key learnings on how the right people, process, and technology power creative genius, leading to a more productive, efficient, and business partner centric in-house agency

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3 Reasons to Bring Review & Approval Into Jira

Specifically for  teams using Jira to manage their projects, we highlight the 3 key reasons agency and in-house creative teams choose to bring their review and approval process into Jira with online proofing. 

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Innovating in Creative Operations

This summary of the key highlights from Creative Operations London, will help in-house and agency teams to find opportunities to not just improve the process of how creative work is produced at their organizations, but to not be afraid to innovate their creative operations by making small changes that lead to big impacts.

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3 Must Have Review and Approval Metrics For Creative Operations Managers

Learn more about 3 of the most important metrics for Creative Operations managers, why they're important, and how to measure them.

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Ten Creative Operations Goals For 2017

In 2016 we spent a lot of time meeting with creative teams helping them document their processes, identify the gaps, and create a plan to achieve their creative operations goals. We certainly learned a lot, and noticed that most teams are working through similar challenges to optimize and make creative production more efficient.

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So, What Exactly IS Creative Operations?

Creative Operations is the field responsible for increasing timeliness, capacity and compliance in the creative production process.

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