Brokendoll Maximizes Agency Performance with Deltek WorkBook

Posted by Deltek on September 23, 2021


Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Brokendoll is an advertising agency that creates brand strategies and exciting content to help entertainment companies develop and promote their products around the world. As they’ve grown and achieved business success, Brokendoll realized that they could no longer depend on multiple, siloed business tools, but needed an integrated, scalable agency management system to support their growth. Brokendoll implemented Deltek WorkBook’s powerful project and resource management system to gain end-to-end visibility into their agency operations.

Ulrika Silfverstolpe, COO of Brokendoll recently shared, “We knew we had grown out of our basic tools, which is why we need Deltek WorkBook. It will work perfectly for our close-knit team of people, who are experts and specialists in their own fields and need to accomplish many different creative processes every day. It’ll bring us clarity, efficiency and scalability in our operations, providing us a foundation for a more mature way of thinking and doing our business.”

Deltek WorkBook is an all-in-one agency management system that provides best practice solutions to agencies to help increase their efficiency and profitability. Deltek WorkBook supports Brokendoll by managing their people, projects and budgets more effectively and provides real-time data on job costs, projects and resources - making daily operations easier, smoother and more efficient. On a reliable and secure Cloud platform, Deltek WorkBook also integrates with existing applications that an agency wants to keep and can be scaled up as the business continues to grow.


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Neil Davidson, Deltek Regional Vice President of EMEA and APAC commented, “We are delighted to welcome Brokendoll as a Deltek Agency Solutions customer. We appreciate each agency’s individual needs, whether they are big, just starting or scaling up, however complex their creative or business processes may be. With our first-class software solutions, decades of industry expertise and passion of our people, we strive to provide the most impactful solution, for every agency client. Deltek WorkBook will support Brokendoll to level up in their field, and we are proud to be part of this growth journey.”

About Brokendoll

Established in 2006, Brokendoll is an advertising agency based in Stockholm, Sweden that creates brand strategies and exciting content to help entertainment companies develop and promote their products around the world. Their primary focus is in the gaming industry where they help publishers and developers such as Mojang, Paradox, EA, and Ubisoft define, develop and promote their titles.