How JRT Streamlined Reviews with ConceptShare for Jira

Posted by Deltek on June 22, 2021

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In today’s agency world, no one will argue that having an efficient creative process is vital to an agency’s success. Moving brands at the speed of the customer, the JRT Agency is a marketing communications company with over 45 years of client service. Like all marketing agencies, JRT’s ultimate goal is to deliver the best creative product to their clients. However, internal challenges with the manual process of routing creative reviews was a lingering problem. In addition, JRT’s creative and development teams were operating on separate digital platforms, providing a siloed work environment that ultimately led to a lack of communication and collaboration. Faced with these obstacles, JRT recognized the critical need for a more streamlined approach to their creative operations.

Dana Cunningham, Senior Digital Producer at JRT recently shared how the agency suffered by not having an effective creative review process in place. “It would slow up the project to route a piece of paper through many different people and often they would even get misplaced. There was not a clear definition of who should be reviewing next. There was also no way to track the creative documents current location or status.”

Agencies must deliver more content at a faster rate than ever before. When an agency produces content for a number of campaigns and client accounts, endless rounds of creative reviews and revisions can wreak havoc on your bottom line. That’s why JRT realized that an online proofing tool was crucial to have in place in order to simplify and accelerate the review process.


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Centralized Feedback All in One Place

By integrating Deltek ConceptShare with JRT’s existing Jira platform, it allowed greater visibility not only to the creative team, but also to the agency as a whole on the status of client deliverables. This enabled the right people to provide feedback more effectively by having the ability to markup assets and note status updates directly in the platform. In addition, the staff was able to receive real-time updates with automated email notifications and reminders to ensure the agency was staying on task and meeting their deadlines.

“Instead of physical routing creative files, we now upload the files to ConceptShare and designate a group for each review,” stated Dana Cunningham. “This allows everyone to view the file and see each other’s feedback at the same time, and be able to view past comments to compare in a much clearer way.”

With Deltek ConceptShare, JRT now has the power to collaborate and communicate in one system to fast-track review processes and reduce delays. It ensures the team is organized and aligned on all projects with clear, actionable feedback and optimizes the agency’s time and resources. JRT has now implemented an improved creative workflow to help maximize the production capacity of the agency.

“Digital routing and marking up is the way to go,” commented Dana Cunningham. “It gives everyone on the team visibility into other teammates feedback, status of the review, and comments are concise.”

By streamlining their creative operations, JRT has transformed their agency by reducing unnecessary work and costs, and are able to deliver more content faster. With this integration, JRT is taking additional steps to modernize their agency and grow even more as an organization.

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