Actionable Insights for Improving Agency Resource Management

Posted by Chris Lombardo on March 23, 2021

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Creative agencies are facing numerous challenges related to capacity planning and financial forecasting when serving the needs of their clients. In a recent webinar, Agency Best Practices for Resource Management and Freelancer Usage, Senior Director & Solutions Engineer at Deltek, Jan Jensen, shared key strategies and actionable insights on how to best plan your people, estimate your revenue and tie it to your rhythm of business. A few highlights of Jan’s themes for the webinar are below.

For agencies, one major obstacle is managing your workforce for optimal use of time and people. To overcome this, the right resource planning strategy is key. Resource planning is critical and necessary to choose the right skillsets and engage the proper decision makers prior to project kickoff. Ultimately, you’re working to put the right people on the right project, not just assigning those that are merely ’available’. Keep an open mind and be flexible to the needs of the project and client.  All the while, track costs and labor time so your project management and evaluations (and meetings) are fruitful. As Jan shared on the webinar, ”It is important to keep the project implementation simple and update the resources and project plans on a weekly basis in order to stay on track and better serve your clients, which includes managing your financials.”


[Webinar] Agency Best Practices for Resource Management and Freelancer Usage

Gain insight into how to best plan your people, forecast your revenue and tie it to your rhythm of business.

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Another integral part of resource planning that many agencies leverage to effectively meet client needs is hiring freelancers. They can be a great asset and investment for your agency operations when properly managed. Given how much the workplace has changed recently, there is more of a demand for agency freelance labor than ever before. When contracting a freelancer, it is essential to have a strategy in place that defines your business needs and objectives.

The specific skill or need the freelancer is filling should be directly tied to the project and as you build your catalogue of resources, take note of each freelancer’s specific business skillset. As Jan explains, “Always base the decisions on facts, and that's why results planning and the revenue forecasting come into play. It is also crucial here that you have the scope of your projects and the skills needed.” This tactic will help your agency operate both effectively and efficiently.

When you are strategizing and evaluating your resources you should tie it to your rhythm of business. Your rhythm of business is the pattern by which you will regularly update project plans, discuss project financials and make decisions that last until at least the next evaluation. It is important to keep a regular and strict cadence of these tasks and meetings and adhere to the same standard of measurement for money and labor. For many agencies, it’s a weekly update of project plans and financials with a bi-weekly evaluation meeting. Find your rhythm and stick to it.

If you leverage these methods at your agency, the benefits will include a less stressed staff, lower freelancer costs and greater insights that lead to decisions on capacity planning and project management. 

Want to learn more tips on resource management and freelancer usage for your agency? Watch the full webinar here.