Tips for Positioning Your Agency Correctly

Posted by Deltek on October 20, 2020

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Creative agencies are good at promoting brands, but most are not as successful at promoting themselves. Entrepreneurial advisor David C. Baker, an expert in helping 900+ agencies improve their businesses, outlines the below three themes in a webinar: The Key to Pricing Your Work and Balancing Your Client Portfolio. All these themes are intertwined and work together to help you think about how you can reposition your agency for future success.

Positioning is the Foundation

With any brand or business, how you present yourself to your customers is critical for success. You want to attract the right people to buy your product. For agencies this is no different. The sweet spot for knowing your positioning is effective is having a sufficient amount of opportunity to be able to continue to feed your agency but having fewer competitors in the same marketplace.


Webinar: The Key to Pricing Your Work and Balancing Your Client Portfolio

David C. Baker takes a candid look at why positioning is critical for your agency in this webinar.

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Correct Positioning Leads to Revenue

Having the correct positioning for your agency will lend itself to increased revenue. The clients you want to attract will come because you have exhibited yourself as the best to help with their specific problems. If done effectively, you can move from rigorously filling out RFPs to having clients pay you to evaluate their needs.

Your Client Portfolio Will Set You Up for Future Success

With good positioning you will have more control over who you retain as clients. You have the ability to say ‘no’ to potential new work because you’ve already reached capacity for your people, and also gain the ability to say ‘goodbye’ to bad clients. The ability to choose your clients allows your agency to be more nimble in the long term.

Learn more about these themes and how you can reposition your agency in the on-demand version of the webinar here.

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