Agency News Review: Agencies in the Age of COVID, In-House Evolution, and How to Thrive

Posted by Deltek on August 3, 2020

Agency News Review

Welcome back for another edition of the Agency News Review, where we take a look at current hot topics and new agency best practice content we discovered last month.

Agencies in the Age of COVID

The word “unprecedented” has been used countless times in recent months – but we are truly in a transformative time for businesses. Marketing Week and Fast Company dove in to assess what impact the pandemic has had on the agency industry, while Cella honed in specifically on how in-house agencies are coping. MDC Partners CEO Mark Penn shared his thoughts on how agencies can survive the current climate, while 4As issued their guidance on how agencies can be resilient.

The Evolution of In-Housing

COVID has impacted more than the bottom line – it’s also bringing on a resurgence of in-house agencies. Brands like PepsiCo have found that increasing in-housing has been an effective strategy to help cut costs. If you’re asking yourself if in-housing is the right move, then it’s also worth taking a closer look at the various agency-brand relationships that aren’t one-size-fits-all – it’s a constantly evolving type of relationship that is becoming known as the Hybrid agency model.


Webinar: The Hybrid Agency Tango

Examine the “Hybrid Agency Pyramid” and learn some practical steps to help you embrace the Hybrid model.

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How Agencies Can Thrive

One of the top burning questions for agency leaders is how will my business survive the current economic crisis? Forbes Agency Council tackles the question by looking at how to add value, while Digiday talks about how leaders can weather the storm, and AdAge shares a game plan for surviving the pandemic. But beyond surviving, agencies nimble enough to change with the times may also find an opportunity to thrive. Whether it’s by finding efficiency by cutting revision rounds in half, or by navigating a better balance between projects and people, resulting in better utilization without leading to burnout.

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