How Motor Brand Design Cut Revision Rounds in Half

Posted by Deltek on July 16, 2020

Motor Brand Design

As the packaging design and production agency for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands like Aldi, Motor Brand Design is well-versed in delivering a large volume of work quickly and efficiently. But as they took on more work from other countries, while managing a satellite office in Manila, they began to notice certain inefficiencies within their content review and approval process that were adding unnecessary risk to their ability to deliver on time and on budget.

By following the steps below, Motor Brand Design was able to streamline the review cycle and reduce unnecessary risk with Deltek ConceptShare, which helped them to improve accuracy and reduce the average number of revision rounds, thereby saving them valuable time.

Find the Right Balance of Simplicity and Accessibility

For a small agency managing such a large volume of work across continents, it was important that their online proofing solution be easy-to-use and accessible from anywhere, especially for their clients. ConceptShare’s intuitive features and modern user interface made onboarding a breeze, and when the agency was suddenly required to work from home, the cloud-based platform made for a seamless transition.   

Centralize Feedback into One Place 

With a dispersed team of Account and Project Managers (AMs and PMs) spread across two offices and clients located all over the world, Motor Brand Design was drowning in emails – 90% of which were the result of the review and approval (R&A) process. It took hours every day for PMs to get up to speed on where an asset was at in the review cycle and then reconcile all the feedback before it could go into Studio for production. And because each PM had their own email account, there was no way for team members to step in and quickly help out on other projects. 

By centralizing feedback, Motor Brand Design was able to drastically reduce their email traffic and save valuable time. Now, PMs only need 20 to 30 minutes each morning to understand the status of assets under review and keep them moving through production. Any team member can now see the concise history of a review and be able to quickly step in and keep the project running without disruption.

“We’re really proud of ConceptShare and we show it off when we present to new clients. We reassure our customers that when they work with us, they will have full visibility of their projects [in review], what stage they are at, all the due dates and activities – and they’re blown away.”

Daniel Lovic, Group Operations Director, Motor Brand Design

Get it Right the First Time 

When they were managing the review cycle via email, PMs were spending hours reconciling and translating feedback before manually marking-up the asset so that the Studio knew what revisions to make. Oftentimes, that led to mistakes, including typos or missing feedback that would then need to be redone. 

But with their new R&A process, each stakeholder in the review can leave their comments directly on the asset and reply to other comments in order to make sure feedback is as clear and actionable as possible. Motor Brand Design has been able to improve their “Right First Time” metric and cut revision rounds in half.

Help Clients See Their Value in the Process

FMCG packaging for large global brands requires a large number of stakeholders to review assets multiple times, so the process of organizing their comments and tracking their participation via email was very difficult and quite messy.

Now clients can more easily participate in the process and manage their own reviews with a central hub that provides visibility into all assets being reviewed at the same time. This has not only contributed to the drastic reduction in email traffic, but serves as a selling point for new business by proving that they run an innovative and efficient process, and that they value their client’s time as well.


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About Motor Brand Design

Motor Brand Design is an award-winning Creative Design Agency that specializes in FMCG packaging for brands like Aldi, Pacific West and Sigma Healthcare. They cultivate long-lasting working relationships and deliver success by creating, strengthening and rejuvenating branding, packaging design and identity for clients large and small.