Agency News Review: Client Relationships, Focus on Operations, and Agencies Giving Back

Posted by Deltek on June 1, 2020

Agency News Review

Thanks for joining us for our monthly review of top buzzed-about stories from the creative agency industry. Let’s take a look at trending topics from May 2020.

Client Relationships

Forbes Agency Council makes the case that in times of crisis, it is more important than ever to treat your clients like partners in this article, and via Campaign US is an article on how agency-client relationships will strengthen amid the pandemic. Also from the Forbes Agency Council is some advice on how to get inactive clients more engaged. The Content Marketing Institute covers best practice guidance for establishing a strong collaborative agency-client relationship from day one by setting the right tone in your contract. For tips on how to build better client relationships by providing giving clients greater transparency into project progress, check out this webinar.

Focus on Operations

Agency leaders may find that now is a good time to dig deep into financial data and take a look at the potentially big impact write offs can have on their business. Digital marketing agency Connecting Plots shares their keys for success in managing a distributed team in this blog. Learn more about how to build the right foundation for managing projects, people and finance easier in this webinar on optimizing agency management. And this article from Search Engine Land covers how digital marketing agencies should look to adapt their strategy, organization and communication.


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Agencies Giving Back

In these turbulent times, some creatives have turned to focus on how they can help the broader global community. Media One Group has launched their Stories of Humanity project, where they are using their agencies’ storytelling and creative skills to share positive stories about people and businesses around the world. In the UK, furloughed agency staff have banded together to offer free marketing and advertising services to small and medium businesses. For families with children, Clio Awards has put together a free coloring book featuring award-winning advertisements. Industry group 4 A’s is tracking additional stories about how agencies have been working creatively to support their communities.

What are some of the top stories that you’ve seen, or what are the ways you’ve seen agencies giving back? We’d love to hear from you! To keep up with the latest on best practices for agencies and in-house creative teams, follow us on Twitter.

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