Tips for Efficient Creative Review & Approvals When Working Remotely

Posted by Deltek on April 15, 2020

working remotely

Managing reviews and approvals in the creative process has always been a challenge. From chasing down the right people to managing multiple rounds of revisions, it’s never been an easy or efficient task. For teams that once managed the process in-person but now find themselves working remotely, it has become an even trickier undertaking. Below are three tips for minimizing confusion and speeding up the creative review and approval process when your entire team is working from home.

1) Identify stakeholders

Early on, identify the right people to be involved in the review process. Communicate clear, defined roles and responsibilities. Try and limit the number of reviewers to the fewest possible needed to eliminate unnecessary rounds of approvals.

2) Create a clear, streamlined process

Once you’ve identified the right stakeholders, build a simple process for your reviews and approvals. Make sure that this process is clear to all the stakeholders so everyone knows what to expect and what is expected of them. Establish expected turnaround times and send deadline reminders ahead of time.


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3) Centralize feedback and leave email behind

Email is a surefire way to bog down the review process. Eliminate the risk of missed communications and lost files by centralizing your feedback in a project management system that enables easy collaboration. A centralized system will allow you to gather all reviews in one place and serve as a repository for all files with easy access for all reviewers.

How Deltek ConceptShare can help

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