Level Up Your Agency in 2020

Posted by Nancy Murray on November 15, 2019

Level Up with Deltek

Congratulations! As an agency leader, you have decided to sign up for a business marathon. Now, let’s assess your agency’s maturity fitness level and take steps to right-scale business to support values and culture.

Culture is a commitment to excellence. A right “scaled” culture leads to greater efficiency and increased performance. Managing SCALE is leadership’s finest challenge and leads to elevated agency maturity. To have the ability to leverage technology & successfully achieve real-time insightfulness, there are four levels of maturity to consider, with Level 4 being the ultimate goal

  • Level 1 - Manual multiplicity 
  • Level 2 - Proactive projects
  • Level 3 - Proactive business KPIs
  • Level 4 - Optimization

This maturity model will organize a sense of truth and clarity with the ability to manage projects, people and insightfully look at your budgets and actuals in real-time. This is not a novelty concept. Ask yourself when considering your level, “Can I get the information I need in five minutes?”

Level 1 means to recognize that manually crafted spreadsheets, multiple software systems that don’t “talk” to one another, post-it notes, firefighting deadlines, reactionary mode just won’t cut it, especially if you are still using emails to collaborate… in 2020.

As an agency leader, it is your responsibility to define that training plan and provide the right coaching and systems to Level Up to proactivity. We expect streamlined cool-ness when working with an agency and emails just won’t cut it.

Leveling Up to Level 2 is already a huge improvement for the business. Proactive projects will lead you to the natural evolution of Level 3 with a proactive view of the business from various angles: categories, specialties, companies, monetary currency, people currency & much more. We are starting to look for radical truth, transparency and thinking about being ready for a marathon, business-fitness wise. It also means that at any point, your friends can call you to come run a half with them anytime and you are ready. You are FIT.

Level Up with Deltek

Level 4 is where you nurture and optimize. You are thinking that qualifying for the Boston Marathon is achievable and remains in your line of sight. Thinking about each person in the agency as being the best that they can be, to elevate themselves to their very own next level, to learn, to want to have and leave their prints on your agency. This is a huge win with our generational landscape, as Millennials value flexibility and self-optimization over traditional benefits. Moreover, yes, you can easily get any piece of data about your business and formulate a consensus in under five minutes.

Universally, we have one chance of making a first impression. Principals have the responsibility to deploy embraceable tools to support talent - to not only excel on a project-per-project basis, but also give them a fair chance to run a “personal best”.

The hardest part was to sign up for that business marathon in the first place.