Creativity from Chaos

Posted by Nancy Murray on April 23, 2019

Creativity from Chaos

Agencies cherish the culture of creativity, the historical foundation of the industry and the reason why the leading agency of tomorrow will clearly understand and take action to empower their primary source of fuel: people. 

Marrying the critical concepts of efficiency and productivity while protecting the culture is imperative. Agency operators & principals are accountable for providing their teams best-in-class agency software solutions and tools to be successful, identifying patterns that you can really understand to repeat. Clients are looking for transparency and authenticity in work as well as in operations.

Campaign Insights recently conducted a survey with hundreds of agencies and together with Ogilvy Canada, we analysed the fascinating results.

Automated or Manual 

Keeping track of operational efficiency in terms of time, budget and cost is a vital day to day task of the industry. Agencies reported managing their operations using multiple software systems [66%] while [46%] reported relying on manual methods.

Creativity from Chaos blog overview

“It is our responsibility to provide modern tools to perform work everyday. It’s just common sense. I cannot imagine hiring new talent and giving spreadsheets. Additionally, manual methods will impair the quality of information and trust in your data. Multiple systems is what agencies did 10 years ago to innovate and be in the cloud. It is no longer acceptable in 2019!” says David Lalancette of Ogilvy Canada.


Creativity from Chaos

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A whopping two-thirds of agency surveyed [69%] felt they had some information to produce estimates but overall, admitted that too many guesstimates were involved in the process. 26% of those surveyed believed they had enough information at their fingertips to produce accurate estimates.

Even those who were confident in the quality of their estimates admitted that the overall process was a certain amount of guesswork. 

According to the research, when it came to rating themselves on efficiency, agencies were honest about just how hard it is to run a tight ship. [20%] admitted that their agencies were not very efficient. 

The surprising number is that we found that the majority were reasonably satisfied with their operational performance [64%] and actually rated their workplace as “quite efficient”. Only 8% rated their agency as “best in class”.

5 Screaming Agency Challenges

  1. Managing ever-increasing client expectations for cheaper, better and faster work and more. Get paid the same or less… Sounds familiar doesn’t it?
  2. Finding and retaining qualified staff
  3. Charging clients correctly (accurate estimating/ budgeting, timekeeping and managing scope creep)
  4. Forecasting and planning in an always-changing environment
  5. Resource management aligned with your staff capacity

We live in a world of apps and “always on” philosophy and most importantly, authenticity. So as an agency today, being authentic with your staff, your client and show transparency in your work will shield your culture of creativity.