What really makes a modern agency…modern?

Posted by Chris Lombardo on May 21, 2018

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Is keeping creativity and flexibility at the forefront and using real-time data the answer?

Can you ever be a modern agency?

The agency world is ever changing and evolving to keep up with the needs of clients and their end users.

Being in a transitional environment and a world of shrinking budgets brings more creative and operational challenges for agencies and their clients. Agencies try to arm themselves with the best tools and data to confidently deliver an approach that guides their business through a constantly changing landscape. But are they doing it right?

Becoming a modern agency encompasses working towards efficiency and capability as a team. One that can use data to foresee the future problems of the client and their own operations, then overcome them using the right technology and tools.

Getting the basics in place

On a basic level, clients want to save money and time. This means, having processes in place that make it even easier to input, view, update and report insights, analytics and other important information. Having access to this data on an operational level helps agencies to develop an accurate measurement on ROI and a more trusting relationship with clients and peers. Being a modern agency also means continuously looking to improve collaboration on all levels to provide seamless operations. Modern agencies use data to bill accurately and report on productivity, cash flow and revenue in real-time. Meeting ever changing minds and volatility with data, is the new operational strategy.

Flexibility in the process

Both the client and the modern agency need a flexible approach. Modern agencies often offer accommodating and creative price structures to meet client need. But with flexibility comes more possibilities, and more to track. They need to be able to measure and report on key data like staff utilization by project and account and trend analysis by person, role and industry. This data helps the modern agency price manage and resource manage with confidence. Additionally, building a procurement strategy based on data, will improve the cost management of an agency- benefiting both the client and agency.

Problem solving using data

Collecting and analyzing data from the baseline, helps the modern agency meet client’s needs and consumer needs, right now. Solving problems operationally as well as strengthening management and resources using data, is what gives an agency elite status.

Expect to deliver on demand

Agency's clients in 2018 are the most demanding yet. They need to know that every dollar spent, is worth it. Because of this, modern agencies utilize data to gain insight into everything. Including; transactional values, customer satisfaction and the cost of retention.

By utilizing data, agencies have the ability to hone in on work-flow trends and provide adoptions based on live, real-time data.

Using this information, it is possible to deploy money-saving tactics. Such as; reducing customer acquisition costs and ensuring a steadily increasing ROI for clients’ year on year.

Think you’re a modern agency?

If you’re efficiently and properly collecting and analyzing real-time operational data using a secure and solid management system then you’re well on your way

But don’t forget, if today you’re a modern agency, tomorrow you could be ten steps behind.

The best modern agencies are constantly working with modern systems, real-time operational data and their clients to stay one step ahead.

Want to be that kind of agency? Stay ahead using real-time operational data and technology now.