Let’s Make a Big Noise About Small Business

Posted by Chris Lombardo on May 3, 2018

Business Meeting

We continue to recognize National Small Business Week - when we come together to celebrate the small businesses which create employment in local communities. It’s a time to reflect on the crucial role played by the smaller ventures and individual entrepreneurs in all fields, which truly add value to our economy and society.

Whether you’re a tech start-up engaging customers online, or building a brick and mortar business, this time is special. Ideas emerge, creativity flourishes, and the inevitable adversity of creating something new brings out the best in your teams. It’s crucial too if you’re one of the - often - unsung heroes creating the services and solutions which enable other small businesses to thrive. And let’s not forget the small agencies which power America’s entrepreneurs and SMEs with tailored digital, integrated, brand, and field marketing solutions.

The entrepreneurs who pick winning ideas, who build resilient businesses, who engage talented and enthusiastic people, grow and thrive. These small businesses - including the small agencies which provide a springboard for so many other successful enterprises - create jobs, build better systems, challenge outdated business models and make life easier for their customers. Entrepreneurs who put themselves out there, do all that - but they also strive to prove anyone with the will to succeed can make it.

For agencies in particular, getting in on the ground floor, and supporting a high potential business which then grows, is the ultimate win-win. It’s one thing to on-board a big client; but to reap the best rewards, you can’t beat picking a winner and helping them grow.

Smaller agencies and new businesses are on the same page. They both know, first hand, the highs and lows, the need to dig in and deliver, and the sheer determination it takes to create something you can take pride in. Little wonder that small agencies can sometimes be the best choice for new business owners. There are no cookie cutter solutions here - but instead a service and passion that bigger, more established enterprises, too often, have lost.

So here’s a thought. In the middle of your hectic day, why not take a moment to consider and celebrate the contributions of small businesses and small agencies in your own community.  Let’s also give global recognition to the small agencies nominated in some of our key industry awards programs – Ad Age Small Agency Awards, SABRE Awards Small PR Agency of the Year, UK Agency Awards, Mumbrella’s Emerging Agency of the Year and Under 30 Achiever and British Media Rising Star Awards just to cite a few of the organizations that celebrate the accomplishments of small agencies.

Cheers to the small businesses and the agencies that help them succeed.