The Drum: WorkBook Put to the Test

Posted by Chris Lombardo on March 7, 2018

How many times have you made a claim or promise and someone told you to prove it!  Well that’s what WorkBook did when The Drum, one of the largest marketing media in Europe (and now in America too), put our software to the test.

In a mock lab setting, white coats and all, The Drum invited 5 agencies of all sizes to get hands-on and use the software to execute many of their day-to-day activities.

Ayesha Salim, from The Drum, interviewed the “testers”.  While excitingly waiting for The Drum’s review, we can’t wait to tell you what we learned at this event.

From our discussion with the participants, we confirmed that agencies in different disciplines face similar challenges, such as − the ever harder-to-reach margin targets, reducing admin time and cost, ensuring the right business processes are in place, aligning capacity against present and future workload, and more detailed revenue forecasts, etc.

To address these challenges, we used the lab setting to focus on a few “scenarios” that could improve agency operations and accounting.

“Drag-and-drop” scheduling

“Testers” create project schedules quickly and easily – all they needed to do was to ‘drag-and-drop’ the icon bars representing the team members onto the pre-populated Gantt chart template.  No more filling and counting cells, columns and rows in Excel.  They soon realized how much time their teams can save in creating/updating those schedules day in and day out, every week and every month.

Automate creation of estimates

Talk about “hands-free”.  The “testers” demonstrated how estimates can be created automatically from schedules. Once estimates are created and approved, they are ‘remembered’ by our system – even payment reminders can be sent to clients directly at pre-set times.

Extremely easy timesheets

We often get asked by our agency friends – how can you make sure people (in most cases, creatives) enter their timesheets?  In the lab, “testers” downloaded the WorkBook APP; used the Timesheet module and logged their hours within just a couple of minutes − including the time spent on downloading and installing the APP!  Seeing is believing just how easy it is.

We invite you to be part of The Drum challenge.

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