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7 Results for Category Risk Analysis
Managing Projects with Earned Value Management

Managing Projects with Earned Value Management

The top benefits of using earned value management (EVM) to guide projects through potential issues with objective measures and analysis.

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Deltek GovCon Clarity 2020

On Time & Under Budget Delivery Takes a Hit - Deltek Clarity Study Serves Up Project & Risk Management Trends to Watch

Project delivery and effective risk management were showing signs of setback even before the onset of COVID-19. Nearly half of surveyed leadership cited accurate project cost forecasting as a major struggle affecting profitability and revenue potential. The 11th Annual Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study captures the challenges at hand for many project and risk management leaders and where they plan to make investments to keep current and future work on track.

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Key Takeaways with Business Continuity Planning

Preparing for the Unknown: 4 Key Takeaways When Thinking About Business Continuity

The bad news: government contracting firms will eventually face business disruptions. They could come in the form of cyber event/attack, government shutdown, natural disaster or the loss of a key executive. The good news: building solid business continuity and disaster recovery plans can start today with four key steps.

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2019 Clarity GovCon Study Project and Risk Management

On Time, On Budget: Clarity GovCon Project and Risk Management Trends

The 10th Annual Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study gave a peek behind the project and risk management curtain to better understand how overall project health is up for government businesses, and why forecast accuracy and project timing and budgeting are still problematic.

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Minimizing Risk in GSA Option Extensions

Reduce Exposure Through Disclosure: Minimizing Risk in GSA Option Extensions

The time of option extension is a prime opportunity for General Service Administration (GSA) Schedule contractors to revisit all key areas of compliance. Review process and preventative control suggestions to ensure commercial sales practice disclosures are current, accurate and complete.

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PPM Cost Risk Analysis

The Basics Behind Cost Risk Analysis

If you’re familiar with schedule risk analysis, you’re already well on your way to understanding the basics behind cost risk analysis.  Read on to learn about the similarities (and differences) between the two, and for helpful guidance on how to perform an effective cost risk analysis on your next project. 

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Why We Love Schedule Risk Analysis (And You Should Too) Header Image

Why We Love Schedule Risk Analysis (And You Should Too)

Developing a schedule is only one component of the broader project plan. This blog explores how, in order to ensure successful execution, the project plan must also include things like risk and schedule optimization – with each playing an equally important role.

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