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10th Annual Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study Summary

Diamonds are a Government Contractor’s Best Friend – 10th Annual Clarity Study Top Gems

The 10th Annual Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Summary webinar reviews top-line results, bullish market sentiments and the optimistic outlook from leaders across eight key business areas.

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Clarity GovCon Information Technology Trends

Information Technology Trends Revealed in 2018 Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study

Information Technology (IT) results from the 9th Annual Clarity GovCon Industry Study reveal why leaders are moving from primarily playing defense, to going on the offensive to address current and future challenges.

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Clarity GovCon Finance Operations Compliance

2018 Clarity Industry Study Finance, Operations, Compliance Results In Depth

A detailed review of the finance, operations and compliance challenges and opportunities identified in the 9th Annual Clarity GovCon Industry Study.

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Section 809 Panel Results

Section 809 Panel Results & Recommendations So Far - The Good, Bad & Uncertain

The National Defense Authorization Act’s (NDAA) Section 809 Panel was tasked with providing recommendations to streamline and improve the defense acquisition process. Deltek partner BDO reviews the findings so far.

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Deltek Clarity GovCon Project and Risk Management

Deltek Clarity GovCon Project and Risk Management Review

A more detailed take on the project and risk management challenges and opportunities revealed in this year’s Study.

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9th Annual Clarity GovCon Industry Study Top-line Results and Benchmarks

Cautious optimism gave way to full-blown optimism as respondents rounded up their 2017 business experience for the 9th Annual Deltek GovCon Industry Study.

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Organizational Conflicts of Interest

What You Should Know About Organizational Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of Interest may prevent you from winning a public contract or may result in being removed from one! Learn about Conflicts of Interest and tips to avoid them.

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Agency Whiteboard Writing

Incorporating Data Quality Checks into Your Performance Reporting Process

Understand the importance of creating and maintaining quality schedule and cost data for the life of a project. Along with a short list of tips to add schedule and cost data quality checks into the project control process.

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Manufacturing Traceability for DOD Government Contracts

Manufacturing Traceability for Those with DOD Contracts

A look at traceability and compliance in the manufacturing process for those with DOD government contracts and complex projects such as satellites, naval vessels and laser systems.

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What is NIST SP 800-171

What is NIST SP 800-171? Everything You Need to Know

Learn the basics of NIST SP 800-171 and how Deltek Costpoint Cloud solutions may help you meet the new government security requirements.

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