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Are You on FIAR Yet

Are You on FIAR Yet?

All Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers are impacted by the Financial Improvement Audit Readiness initiative (FIAR). Primarily, it has to do with the costs charged to the DoD and whether the internal systems used to manage the details for government contractors match agency standards.

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2019 Clarity GovCon Finance and Financial Compliance

Seeing the Glass Half Full with Clarity GovCon Finance and Compliance Trends

Finance and financial compliance leaders have gone on the record with the 10th Annual Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study… they are feeling bullish about the market, organizational growth and audit preparedness. But, will the optimism last?

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DCAA and DCMA Audit Readiness

DCAA and DCMA Audit Readiness

The Department of Defense seems inclined to make defense audits an annual exercise. What audit readiness tactics and solutions could smooth the path for DCAA and DCMA reviews?

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Three Common Accounting Myths in Manufacturing

Myth-Busting – 3 Common Accounting Myths in Manufacturing

Accountants today are playing a modern game using ancient rules. Review some of the top myths relating to accounting in manufacturing, and how holding tight to expired information can throw a business off balance.

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QuadTech Selects Costpoint

How Costpoint Met the Needs of a Small Government Contractor Eyeing Growth

Why emerging government contractor QuadTech Analytics, Inc., chose Deltek Costpoint, and why the solution is adjustable and attainable for the smallest of shops.

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Cross Functional Collaboration with Integrated System

How Integrated Systems Boost Cross Functional Collaboration

Automating data flows, reporting and repetitive tasks, like creating projects and time entry, frees your team to focus on controlling costs and scope, the high impact work that leads to better project profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Clarity GovCon Finance Operations Compliance

2018 Clarity Industry Study Finance, Operations, Compliance Results In Depth

A detailed review of the finance, operations and compliance challenges and opportunities identified in the 9th Annual Clarity GovCon Industry Study.

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Pricing Strategies for Government Contractors

Pricing Strategies for the Small Government Contractor

Learn pricing strategies to stay competitive and make money. Although these two objectives can sometimes seem to compete – here are tips for balancing the two.

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Incurred Cost Submission

Incurred Cost Submission: Everything You Need to Know

Incurred Cost Submission is a requirement for all federal contractors holding cost-type or time and materials (T&M) contracts and a universal requirement regardless of agency customer.

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Key Financial Performance Indicators for Government Contractors, KPIs for Contractors, KPIs for Government Contractors, Key Performance Indicators for Government Contractors

10 Key Financial Performance Indicators for Government Contractors

Tracking the right KPIs for your government contracting business can provide insights to help you make the right decisions and run your business smarter and faster. 

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