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Managing Cost Type Contracts

Recovering Costs, Making a Profit and Avoiding Enforcement Action Managing Cost Type Contracts

A sharp contrast exists between the skills necessary for managing time and materials contracts versus their cost type counterparts. Partner expert Aronson LLC details what exactly a “cost” is and the finesse needed to navigate the requirements and obligations attached to cost type contracts.

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Cross Functional Collaboration with Integrated System

How Integrated Systems Boost Cross Functional Collaboration

Automating data flows, reporting and repetitive tasks, like creating projects and time entry, frees your team to focus on controlling costs and scope, the high impact work that leads to better project profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Finding the Holy Grail of Cost/Schedule Integration Header Image

Finding the Holy Grail of Cost/Schedule Integration

It’s no secret that as your project schedule ebbs and flows, so too do the corresponding costs, resources and time phasing of the project. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to integrate your cost and schedule systems so updates could be realized in real-time, and decision making could be improved across your project? There is, and Deltek is helping to lead project professionals to this holy grail.

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How to Cut Your Baseline Change Requests by Up to 50% Header Image

How to Cut Baseline Change Requests by Up to 50%

We’ve all been there. A baseline change request (BCR) comes in and the hassle begins. Dozens of steps, multiple stakeholders and inputs, and more than 50 hours of work per BCR. Fortunately there is a better way.  Check out this infographic to discover how you can cut the process for BCRs in half by leveraging Deltek PM Compass.

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Get Control Over Change Control Header Image

Get Control Over Change Control

Managing change can be one of the greatest hurdles to overcome in achieving project success. A single budget change can set off a seemingly endless string of events – requiring reviews and approvals from dozens of project personnel. The good news is that there is a simple way that companies can overcome the burden of dealing with change control. Read on to learn more.

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