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Deltek GovCon Clarity 2020

Investing in the Future is the Chief Theme for Deltek Clarity Contract Management and Procurement

Contract management and procurement leaders are planning for the future by identifying where to make investments and improvements in strategy. Many pointed to making these adjustments as critical before the arrival of COVID-19, but with contracts already changing to align with new government missions and priorities due to the pandemic, evaluating exactly how each business area can be more effective has moved up the priority list. Discover how firms intend to invest in contract management and procurement, and how they are measuring success.

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Four Things Not to Do with Federal Bid Protests

Four Things Not to Do When Asserting Federal Bid Protest

The stakes are higher than ever before in today’s procurement environment and bid protests have become a valuable tool for government contractors seeking additional contract award opportunities. Understanding what to do when filing a protest is important, but so is understanding what not to do. Get perspective from an experienced government contracting attorney on the most common mistakes, misconceptions and myths regarding bid protests.

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3D Contract Management

3D Contract Management – Data, Documentation, Delivery

It’s time for contract officers to stop burying their heads in the sand when the information overload warning light starts flashing. Successful contract management step one: Tackling the data.

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