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Three Ways Costpoint Makes Payroll Easy

Three Ways Costpoint Makes Payroll Easy

More effectively managing payroll isn’t usually on the short list of important considerations for small government businesses on the growth fast track. Discover why prioritizing the payroll process can be a vital contributor to improving business function, and the three ways Deltek Costpoint can make it easy.

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Veteran Owned Small GovCon Business Riptide Technology

Veteran-Owned Small Business Increases Efficiency & Grows Pipeline with Deltek’s One-Stop-Shop, Integrated Solutions

Why the timing was right for Riptide Technology to step away from managing their professional IT services business with generic solutions in order to step up data-based decision making and diversify the pool of future government contracting opportunities.

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Tidy Back Office Systems and Moving to the Cloud

The Importance of Keeping Your Back Office Tidy and Moving Your Business to the Cloud

If there’s anything the last 18 months has taught us, it’s that knowing the adaptability and capability of the systems that run government businesses is critical in navigating an uncertain environment. Adopting digitization by having reliable systems in place, particularly as a small business, can help firms confront evolving market conditions more quickly. Discover how the cloud played a pivotal role in keeping small government businesses afloat, and how it can help plan for future unknowns.

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Spotting the Red Flags with Generic Finance Accounting

Six Indicators to Catch Before They Become Finance, Accounting Red Flags

The first thought that growing government contracting businesses have as they compete for new opportunities is likely not about the capabilities and capacity of their generic finance, accounting solution. But, as contracts grow more complicated and compliance requirements narrow, how day-to-day operations function becomes increasingly important. Learn to spot the indicators it may be time to consider a more comprehensive, purpose-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

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International Medical Corps COVID19 Response with Costpoint

How Costpoint Aids Nonprofit Organization on the Frontlines: Supporting Those in Crisis Worldwide

How International Medical Corps (IMC), a nonprofit delivering medical and related services to those affected by conflict, disaster and disease, was able to adapt their emergency response model to the COVID-19 global pandemic crisis with business system and technology investments, including shifting into new gears with Deltek Costpoint.

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Decision Making Journey Azimuth Corporation Chooses Costpoint

Costpoint Helps Propel Small Business Government Contractor Azimuth to New Growth

Experience the decision-making journey of Azimuth Corporation. Discover how a network of generic solutions began to hinder growth for the small government contractor, and why Deltek Costpoint was the solution of choice to fulfill all of their accounting, timekeeping and invoicing needs; equipping them to level up their business.

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Turn Knowledge into Wisdom with Business Intelligence for Project-Based ERP

Turning Knowledge into Wisdom with Business Intelligence for Project-Based Businesses

When it comes to decision making, knowledge truly is power. But, even more than the information itself is how it is analyzed, interpreted and reported within a project-based business to understand exactly how a firm is performing. Understand the basics of analytics and reporting, how they are different and how to obtain an object view into the workings of a business working in the government space. Second in a series.

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Deltek Supports Small Business

How One Small Government Firm Shifted from Survival Mode to Thriving with Deltek Costpoint

INFINITY Conference Group needed support to formally transition from a professional services firm to intentionally focusing on government contracting. Generic solutions complicated and bogged down day-to-day operations and made meeting compliance mandates even more difficult. Discover how Deltek Costpoint elevated this woman-owned small business’ performance and made them more competitive in the marketspace.

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Costpoint Mobile History and Future Capabilities

Deltek Costpoint Continues to Bolster Mobile Capability to Support the Needs of the Government Contracting Market

As one of the firsts to introduce mobile time collection more than a decade ago, Deltek Costpoint continues to equip government contractors with new capabilities and the improved tools they need to keep pace in the market. The latest, mobile customer resource management (CRM) and additional updates are empowering contractors with anytime, anywhere access to customer information and the ability to provide service. Discover how to do more with Deltek Costpoint mobile.

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Identifying Cracks Cybersecurity Foundation GovCon Cloud Moderate

Identifying the Cracks in Your Cybersecurity Foundation

The National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) have consistently warned prime contractors and subcontractors of the importance of maintaining proper cyber defense. Review how the recent release of GovCon Cloud Moderate coupled with Deltek Costpoint in the cloud are aiding government firms as they address these threats and solidify cyber strategies.

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