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Quality Estimates at Completion EAC

How to Create Quality Estimates at Completion (EACs) for Project Improvement

Why is a credible project estimate at completion (EAC) important to both project managers and business managers? It’s about the company’s bottom line. The EAC provides an indication of whether the company is going to make a profit or take a loss on a project.

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Agency Whiteboard Writing

Incorporating Data Quality Checks into Your Performance Reporting Process

Understand the importance of creating and maintaining quality schedule and cost data for the life of a project. Along with a short list of tips to add schedule and cost data quality checks into the project control process.

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Finding the “Just Right” Actual Cost Level of Detail for EVM  Header Image

Finding the "Just Right" Actual Cost Level of Detail for EVM

Do you need actual costs at the same level as the budget, earned value, and estimate to complete to adequately evaluate project performance and maintain a useful estimate at completion? Read this blog to find out.

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