Why Moving to the Costpoint Cloud Became Clear for a Government Contracting Architecture and Engineering Firm

Posted by Guest Author on March 22, 2021

Customer Experience Moving to Costpoint Cloud Gibbs and Cox

Editor's Note: Gibbs & Cox was acquired by Leidos February 25, 2021.

As a rapidly growing government contractor, Gibbs and Cox was well aware of the need to meet the new compliance requirements being rolled out by the Department of Defense (DoD). And, while it may seem like conflicting priorities, at the same time, they wanted their information technology (IT) team to focus less on maintenance and updates, and more on utilizing Deltek Costpoint to solve business problems.

This is the story of why Gibbs & Cox moved to the cloud, what the process was like and the post-move benefits.

Why Move to Costpoint in the Cloud

Many government contractors move their businesses to the cloud to spare themselves the worry and stress of increasingly strict compliance requirements. Once they start exploring the move, they soon discover added benefits resonating in today's workplace environment, such as improved accessibility (including mobile), predictable costs and a more strategically focused IT team.

“Part of the reason for moving to the cloud is that it imposes a discipline that many IT teams will not have internal to their own company,” says Shannon McWilliams, Deltek Systems Lead with Gibbs & Cox “There is a lot of structure and security around the Deltek cloud and that is good. You want that.”

“You have regulatory and system maintenance patches to keep updated,” continues McWilliams. “The goal is to free up teams as opposed to focusing on routine maintenance. Folks are freed up and can say, ‘Yes, these compliance conditions are met and here is how.’”

What It is Like to Move to Costpoint in the Cloud

Moving to the cloud relieves IT teams from managing infrastructure and trying to stay current on maintenance and updates.

More and more government contractors rely on Costpoint. Time to value is quicker, resource costs are minimized and it provides cost efficient and stable data storage. Starting with the IT team at implementation, the scalability, flexibility and automation help companies do more without increasing staffing levels.

“The move to the cloud was pretty easy and pretty quick” says McWilliams “You need to understand parameters – understand why that change is there. Deltek provides great documentation – [to] ensure you understand the restrictions as you move up. Make sure you review processes across the company – i.e., back end SQL – as you move this into a more formal environment.”

“Deltek has been doing this for years. They already have a lot of great processes in place. There are some great tools. They've thought about all the angles. They have all the bases covered,” states McWilliams.

The Benefits of Making the Move to Costpoint

From easier collaboration, enhanced efficiencies and cost savings, there are a number of benefits to moving to Costpoint in the cloud. McWilliams noted how Costpoint optimized business for Gibbs & Cox.

“You really get a top notch, full-blown security infrastructure with multiple tiers with very rigid rules that are really in your favor that really help you out,” says McWilliams.

Additional benefits for Gibbs & Cox:

  • With cloud, more licenses are bundled and they are exploiting a bunch of new deployments within Costpoint that will literally save the firm tons of money, time and frustration.
  • The organization is rolling out Planning and anticipating a savings of thousands of hours and more than that dollar-wise in maintaining pricing efforts (pricing on new projects). It will democratize this by moving it down a layer to the Project Managers. Then the normal budgeting tracking and the organizational budgets, looking at total spend and projections into the future and how that ties in with contracts.
  • Capabilities only cloud licensing allows.
  • Costpoint cloud frees up staff from the IT side to move the unit over to the strategic side in order to fully utilize Deltek Costpoint to benefit the company.

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