Making the Case for Enterprise Planning and Scheduling

Posted by Megan Cacioppo on November 17, 2017

Making the Case for Enterprise Planning and Scheduling Header Image

From company to company and across different industries, project teams may disagree on the right way to manage their projects. But there’s one thing they can definitely all agree on – and that is successful project delivery is critical to business success.

However, as projects increase in complexity, number and value – constraints become tighter. And it can be difficult to balance resources, time and budget across the enterprise. Achieving the right balance requires business managers to be able to review work across their entire corporate portfolio, as well as see the instant impact of an individual project’s performance on the rest of the program to better manage project priorities. And all that certainly can’t be done manually...

Enter enterprise planning and scheduling. Enterprise planning and scheduling can drastically improve an organization’s ability to complete multiple projects on time and on budget. How? Having an enterprise-class tool for planning and scheduling allows organizations to perform multi-project analysis, critical path planning, and sophisticated resource management to better serve the differing needs of business, resource, and project managers. Enterprise planning and scheduling can also help project teams:

  • Better manage and plan initial project schedules, budgets and ongoing status updates with change management through rapid data entry, analysis and reporting 
  • Quickly and effectively model complex project logic scenarios including constraints/relationships at any level of the project or inter-project hierarchy 
  • Prevent scheduling problems before they occur by defining business rules 
  • Optimize resources across the entire enterprise with cross-project analysis and reporting, while ensuring that the most important projects have first access to resources through simple, priority-status adjustments

Deltek Open Plan is one such tool that offers business managers the ability to enhance decision making and optimize program management at their organization. Open Plan conforms to industry standard schedule, risk and resource/cost management for projects and programs – all while being extremely easy to use.

If you’re struggling with the ability to effectively allocate resources across projects or share project information across your enterprise, Open Plan could be the answer you’re looking for. In a recent online demonstration, we explored how the tool delivers faster analysis for stronger business performance for organizations of all sizes. I encourage you to check it out here.