Have You Seen Deltek Costpoint 7 Lately?

Posted by Annette Grotz on November 30, 2017

Deltek Costpoint 7 Enhancements


Based On Customer Feedback, We Have All of These New Enhancements for You.

The latest round of Deltek Costpoint enhancements make inputting, analyzing and acting on data even easier. In this on-demand webinar, you will get an idea of how others are using the system and discover new ways Deltek Costpoint helps you do your job. Many of these new enhancements are demonstrated in this webinar.

Learn the latest “how-to” tips from fellow customers and Costpoint Subject Matter Experts. For example, here’s a tip for the procurement team: make sure you have a camera available that can read the two dimensional barcodes if you print them as part of your UID codes.

While it is exciting that we have so many enhancements to cover, we’d like to provide shortcuts for you to learn how Costpoint can help in specific areas of interest. Feel free to share a link to this blog with colleagues.

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In the first few minutes of this webinar we do a quick overview of the new enhancements for Costpoint 7. 

Deltek Costpoint Human Capital Management

Costpoint HR & Benefits

At 3:35 jump in to discover the HR & Benefits enhancements. Among these enhancements are new fields for “last day worked,” useful when the last day an employee is in the office falls before the “separation date,” and the new field “birth location” which helps meet ITAR requirements.

A few more highlights:

  • Manage employees and control company health care costs with HSA Plan Support screens.
  • Get better visibility into your direct reports with Manager Self Service features that enable managers to view information for direct and indirect reports, such as contact information and salary history. Your designated administrator can set the permissions.
  • Manage the entire employee lifecycle with Deltek Talent Management, which integrates with Costpoint. The Deltek Talent Development module contains a “9 Box” as well as Succession Planning. 

Deltek Costpoint Reporting and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

At 24:16 – All Costpoint users, regardless of role, can benefit from learning about the BI and Analytics enhancements such as:  

  • Analyze data across time and drill into what is driving your numbers.
  • Easily export data to Excel, PDF, or other formats.
  • Access a standard library of reports with drill through built in.
  • Run reports on demand or schedule them.
  • Quickly identify projects at risk so that you can track trends and make corrections before problems arise. 

Deltek Costpoint Project Management

Costpoint for Project Managers

Costpoint for Project Managers starts at 32:49. Here you can say hello to project management dashboards, your key for quick visibility into everything about your projects.  All data related to your projects is updated in real-time. Start your day knowing how your projects are performing via the home page that is built for project managers. See consolidated charts and graphs on your projects, then drill down and interact with the data.

  • Set up project budgets then track rolling forecasts.  Plan down to the employee level for more robust variance analysis and time tracking.
  • Track who is charging to your projects daily and see labor and expenses in real time with real-time reports.
  • Track how your budget(s) are being burned down via Costpoint Enterprise Reporting and Analytics.

Deltek Costpoint Procurement


At 53:45 the webinar talks about new enhancements in Procurement, which include more PO options and requisition approvals.

  • 8 Different PO types are now available with 4 different subcontractor PO types
  • Change order management  - easily update and see history of changes
  • Want to mitigate risk to ensure you have enough material, but are not overbuying? Set up requisition approvals to stay in control of purchases and prevent overbuying or buying unnecessary items.

Next Steps

To see these and many more Costpoint 7 enhancements in action, watch the on-demand webinar “Have you Seen Costpoint 7 Lately”.

With nearly 30 years of experience in government contracting, Deltek provides a breadth of experience unmatched by any other software vendor. Costpoint was built specifically for government contractors and has earned the trust of federal agencies and their auditors.