6 Signs You Need a Centralized View into Project Information

Posted by Megan Cacioppo on April 20, 2017

6 Signs You Need a Centralized View into Project Information Header Image

You’re often blindsided by problems that arise on your projects.

You could be better managing project costs.

Members of your project team and key stakeholders have to access multiple systems in order to view project-related performance information and data.

You lack project control workflow automation.

Your processes for EVMS are paper heavy.

You already own Deltek Cobra and/or are planning to migrate in the future.

If your organization exhibits any of the six signs above, it could be time to invest in a centralized platform for viewing project information, alerts and workflows. Why? Having such a tool will help you better manage and control your portfolio by providing enhanced predictability over your day-to-day operations.

That being said, before you can jump into implementation, you need to make sure your people, processes and tools are ready.

  • People: A typical project team consists of a project manager, functional managers, CAMs, cost analysts and planners. Having the right team in place with the necessary experience and knowledge via role-based training on processes and tools is critical.
  • Processes: Project management processes need to be documented and accessible to your entire project team. Process maps can help the different roles in the organization understand their part in the process.
  • Tools: The technical tools you use — for scheduling, cost management, accounting, communication, and so on — provide the key functionality to manage projects with increased operational efficiency, improved reporting, and automated process steps.

The checklist below goes into greater detail around each of the key activities under People, Processes and Tools that need to be in place. But don’t worry… if you don’t have all of the items on the list ready at this time, Deltek can help. We have a wide array of resources available to get you set up and ready.

People Proceses and Tools Activities Checklist 

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