Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare

Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare are purpose-built for agencies and in-house teams – providing them with the control, insight and visibility they need to deliver more creative content on time and on budget. Together, Deltek agency solutions integrate to become one powerful end-to-end solution that perfectly fits your agency’s natural workflow. This blog provides key product updates, tips and insight from Deltek’s product experts on both WorkBook and ConceptShare, so you can make the most of your agency management solution.

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ConceptShare Online Proofing for Agencies Using Jira

Mitigating Scope Creep with Review Chains

There are a lot of reasons that contribute to scope creep, but ConceptShare's Review Chains can help you solve for inefficiencies inherent in the creative review and approval process by enabling teams to set up reviews in advance that match what was scoped.

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Deltek Costpoint Blogs

Modify Report Layouts with WorkBook's Built-In Report Editor

The ability to create report layouts that look exactly how you want them, is something that can make a big difference, not only for your internal team, but for how you present yourself to clients. Learn how you can use WorkBook’s built-in report editor to easily create reports that look exactly how you want.

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Using WorkBook Dimensions to Provide Detailed Reports and Better Insights

Dimensions are an invaluable part of the WorkBook system and are key to developing detailed reports and mining better insights that will guide you on your path to LevelUp. Here’s how to set up Dimensions to group, filter and tag data throughout the entire system so that you can create custom reports at any level of detail.

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Introducing the New WorkBook Product Portal

Whether you’re a new user, or have years of experience, the WorkBook Product Portal gives you easy access to the kind of product-focused information you need. Now, you can easily access WorkBook how-to articles, videos, training assets and engagement communities, quickly and easily from the same place.

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Three Ways WorkBook's Collaboration Feature Can Help Agency Teams When Working From Home

Our partners at Tangram take you through three ways WorkBook makes collaboration easier for remote teams.

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Deltek Costpoint Blogs

Use Change Logs to Automatically Document Frequent Changes

When agency priorities shift so frequently, it is important that you are able to track what changes have been made so that you have an audit trail to follow when need be. WorkBook records Change logs at multiple levels to provide the detail you need.

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Set Up Timesheet Reminders to Improve Compliance

For agencies that scope work based on hours timesheets are a necessity. That's why WorkBook helps improve agency-wide compliance by allowing you to schedule reminders that help employees remember to submit them on time.

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Predict Job Performance with WorkBook's Estimated Time to Completion Calculation

One of WorkBook’s most insightful features is the Estimated at Completion (EAC) algorithm, which shows you how to predict how your Job will turn out. The thing that makes this possible is WorkBook's ability to calculate Estimate to Complete (ETC) which is a calculation of the hours and costs that are left to complete within the Job’s plan. Here is how you can enable ETC to get actionable insights on job performance before it's too late.

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Deltek Product Tips and General Info

Make Job Creation Easier by Converting Comments to Tasks

Ensure that important requests don't get overlooked by using WorkBook Conversations to easily convert comments into Tasks and Jobs.

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Make Better Decisions for Your Agency's Future by Forecasting Cash Flow

WorkBook helps agencies create more accurate short-term cash flow forecasts, so they can be in a better position to take preemptive action to maintain the ideal balance of incoming and outgoing cash, and will be more likely to keep their agency operational for the long-term.

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