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Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare are purpose-built for agencies and in-house teams – providing them with the control, insight and visibility they need to deliver more creative content on time and on budget. Together, Deltek agency solutions integrate to become one powerful end-to-end solution that perfectly fits your agency’s natural workflow. This blog provides key product updates, tips and insight from Deltek’s product experts on both WorkBook and ConceptShare, so you can make the most of your agency management solution.

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Ditch the Timesheet Headache with Deltek WorkBook

Nobody likes timesheets. But for agencies that scope project work based on hours they’re a necessity. So WorkBook makes it easy for anyone to enter time quickly and accurately so they can get back to doing what’s important.

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Six Ways to Streamline Agency Finance with WorkBook

When finance is integrated into every step of the project lifecycle, it no longer feels like a speed bump in the creative process. WorkBook streamlines Agency Finance to provide your agency with greater visibility into job progress and budget status at any time, which allows your agency to manage financial processes in real-time.

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Deltek Product Release Information

What's New in WorkBook 11

WorkBook version 11 includes modern enhancements that allow you to enhance your integrations, give greater administrative control to the team and better manage purchase orders project billing.

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Beat the Five Biggest Agency Challenges with Deltek Agency Solutions

Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare provide customers with an integrated agency management software tool that helps them overcome their five biggest challenges in order to run a more efficient, profitable and client-centric business than ever before.

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