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Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare are purpose-built for agencies and in-house teams – providing them with the control, insight and visibility they need to deliver more creative content on time and on budget. Together, Deltek agency solutions integrate to become one powerful end-to-end solution that perfectly fits your agency’s natural workflow. This blog provides key product updates, tips and insight from Deltek’s product experts on both WorkBook and ConceptShare, so you can make the most of your agency management solution.

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Deltek Product Release Information

What's New in WorkBook 12.1

WorkBook 12.1 reflects Deltek's dedication to listening to our customers. With new features that allow users to add media commissions to Price Quotes and Sales Invoices, slice and dice financial data to provide more detailed reports, and simply just get the information they need more easily, version 12.1 gives our customers greater versatility along with improved performance.

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Looking Beyond

Level Up Your Agency Management System by Migrating from TrafficLIVE to WorkBook

Deltek WorkBook is the next step in systems evolution for our TrafficLIVE customers. It gives them the ability to level up their agency management system with built-in collaboration, intuitive quote building and budget tracking, better resource planning, and integrated CRM and finance management.

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Deltek Costpoint Blogs

A Guide to WorkBook Conversations

Learn how Taft Communications uses WorkBook Conversations to centralize collaboration, streamline activities, and save time.

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Deltek Product Release Information

What's New in the WorkBook Mobile App

Be more productive on-the-go with version 2.1 of the Deltek WorkBook mobile app, available in the Google Play and iOS App stores now.

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Optimize Agency Management By Bringing Software And Process Together

WorkBook's custom configuration makes it faster to implement and easier to build a foundation for sustainability and growth by following industry best practice processes.

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Creative Collaboration for Your Agency's Remote Workforce

Deltek Agency Solutions makes it easier for teams to work remotely by facilitating collaboration and centralizing all your agency activities into one place, with global accessibility from the Cloud.

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Team Collaboration

Build A Stronger Client Relationship Through Collaboration and Transparency

Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare allow agencies to provide their clients with the transparency they want and simple tools they need to collaborate in the creative process.

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team working

Integrate with WorkBook

Every agency is unique. That’s why WorkBook makes it easier for you to create the perfect agency management system by integrating your favorite tools via a flexible API.

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Deltek Product Tips and General Info

Make Daily Tasks Easier With These WorkBook Tips and Tricks

WorkBook makes agency management easier by giving you intuitive features that enhance user experience and make your daily tasks more efficient and productive.

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Deltek Product Release Information

What's New in WorkBook 12

WorkBook 12 includes new features that give more users access to Net Revenue Forecasting. And with new financial reports and a continued focus on performance, WorkBook 12 makes it easier to understand future revenue, manage reporting, and control cash flow.

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