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Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare are purpose-built for agencies and in-house teams – providing them with the control, insight and visibility they need to deliver more creative content on time and on budget. Together, Deltek agency solutions integrate to become one powerful end-to-end solution that perfectly fits your agency’s natural workflow. This blog provides key product updates, tips and insight from Deltek’s product experts on both WorkBook and ConceptShare, so you can make the most of your agency management solution.

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Deltek Product Release Information

What's New in ConceptShare 6.26?

ConceptShare 6.26 now gives agencies and internal teams more control to configure the R&A process to their team’s specific workflow, while making it easier to access the Customer Support they need.

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Deltek ConceptShare

Satisfy the Most Difficult Reviewers with ConceptShare

Delays and unexpected rework can be costly, so its important that the review team is able to provide clear, actionable feedback on time. ConceptShare makes it easy for even the most difficult reviewers to give feedback and approvals on time.

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Deltek Product Tips and General Info

Providing the Best Feedback for a Seamless Revision Round

ConceptShare helps your team reduce costs, avoid delays and reduce unnecessary rework by helping you provide clear, actionable feedback from the very beginning.

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Beat the Five Biggest Agency Challenges with Deltek Agency Solutions

Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare provide customers with an integrated agency management software tool that helps them overcome their five biggest challenges in order to run a more efficient, profitable and client-centric business than ever before.

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HCM initiative strategy

Smart Folders - Satisfying The Dashboard Needs Of Your Creative Operations Team

ConceptShare Smart Folders allow your Creative Operations team to surface information that they care about, based on criteria that are relevant to them.

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Deltek Product Tips and General Info

Get Faster Approvals with ConceptShare Reviews

With ConceptShare, simply create a Review, and invite the team to efficiently collaborate on feedback and give timely approvals, so you can get more content out the door on time and on budget.

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