Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare

Deltek WorkBook and Deltek ConceptShare are purpose-built for agencies and in-house teams – providing them with the control, insight and visibility they need to deliver more creative content on time and on budget. Together, Deltek agency solutions integrate to become one powerful end-to-end solution that perfectly fits your agency’s natural workflow. This blog provides key product updates, tips and insight from Deltek’s product experts on both WorkBook and ConceptShare, so you can make the most of your agency management solution.

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Best Practices for WorkBook System Administrators

System Administrators have to perform a constant juggling act in order to easily convey your agency's operations and financial storyline, make changes, stay in the know on the latest bug fixes, features, and enhancements, and act as the agency's product cheerleader. Let's take you on a System Administrator's journey to ensure you can configure your system to keep those balls in the air.

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Using WorkBook Hierarchy to LevelUp with Consistent Reporting

Without the right hierarchy built into the structure of your agency management system, you'll struggle to get consistency and accuracy in performance reports. That's why WorkBook gives you the ability to create the simplest or most detailed hierarchy to fit your agency's specific workflow.

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Month-End Closing

Empower Your People to Accelerate Month-End Closing

LevelUp with WorkBook to verify financial data and Accelerate the Month-End closing process.

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brainstorming for future success

Empower Your People to Manage Working Capital and Improve Cash Flow

LevelUp with WorkBook to improve cash flow by managing working capital according to industry best practice. 

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Empower Your People to Control Job Costs

LevelUp to proactive project management by empowering your team to take full control over job costs.

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creative agency

Empower Your People to Manage Projects Proactively

Tighten up your project management process, and LevelUp from firefighting mode to proactive project management, by using Price Quotes to establish a solid baseline against which to measure project progress.

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Empower Your People to Develop a Long-Term, Data-Driven Resourcing Strategy

"Right-sizing" is one of the most difficult balancing acts for project-based agencies to accomplish. Learn how to empower your team to optimize capacity forecasting with WorkBook and build a build a long-term, data-driven resource planning strategy.

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Deltek Costpoint Blogs

Empower Your People to Boost Utilization without Causing Burnout

Maintain a healthier, happier agency by empowering Project and Resource Managers to optimize resource utilization according to industry best practice.

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