What's New in ConceptShare 6.30

Posted by Regan Riddoch on August 4, 2021

Deltek Product Release Information

The release of ConceptShare 6.30 shows our continued commitment to listening to our loyal customers and tailoring the product to the unique workflow of creative agencies. With enhancements that allow users to leverage the @mention functionality in a better way, make the authentication process quicker for side-by-side users and leverage Review Chains to manage internal and external approvals in the same review, this release is all about the user experience. 


Review Chains

The most significant feature in this release is the addition of Review Chains. This functionality is built specifically for the workflow of creative agencies that require multiple review steps prior to approval; including internal creative, brand, and legal reviews, as well as external client reviews.

Now you can now build all those reviews into a single Review Chain before starting the review cycle. This makes it easier for Agencies to manage their internal and client review processes in a single place so that they can be confident that the right steps are being taken prior to getting client approval. It can also help agencies manage scope creep by building the agreed upon number of review rounds into the plan from the very beginning. 

ConceptShare Review Chains

Review Chain functionality includes Quick Fill Participants, Quick Fill Assets, a new Review Info and Review Chain panel that includes a snapshot of the review, and Review Chain.

Review Chains are also supported in Jira.

@Mention in the Proofing Workspace

At the request of our customers, we have updated the @mention functionality within Proofing Workspace. 

Previously, @mentions would only allow you to tag anyone in the project that is a member. Now, you can: 

  • tag anyone in the project if you are looking directly at an asset and not in a review
  • tag only review participants if you are in the context of a review
  • @mention guest reviewers

ConceptShare at Mentions

Side-by-Side Authenticated Links

For users leveraging the WorkBook + ConceptShare integration to streamline the review process within your project management workflow, aka side-by-side, we’ve made it easier to launch the Review Builder without having to re-authenticate until the token expires. This makes the integrated experience of your total solution more efficient by eliminating extra logins. 

“Not Started” Behavior Updates

Previously, reviews marked “Not Started” would not send out emails including review member invites, review updated notifications, review reminders, review versioned assets, review member roles, and reviews deleted.

Now, the Review State has been removed from the Review Dialog and has been replaced with the Review Status (Manual or Immediate) within the new Review Builder. This functionality provides a more straight-forward user experience when assembling review characteristics. 

ConceptShare not started


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