What's New in WorkBook 12.1

Posted by Teresa Robbins on July 1, 2020

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WorkBook 12.1 reflects our dedication to listening to our customers. With new features that allow users to add media commissions to price quotes and sales invoices, slice and dice financial data to provide more detailed reports, and simply just get the information they need more easily, version 12.1 gives our customers greater versatility along with improved performance.

Some of you may be asking, “But what about WorkBook 13?” Well, you’re in luck! Version 13 has simply been renumbered as 12.1, which reflects a new version numbering strategy from what you have been used to for previous upgrades. Moving forward, WorkBook’s release numbering system will follow a pattern of smaller incremental version numbers throughout the same calendar year in order to better represent the scope and change management required for each release.


Calculate Media Commissions

For those customers that manage digital and traditional media in-house, WorkBook 12.1 now gives you the ability to calculate media commissions on Price Quotes and Sales Invoices, so that all job costs are accounted for in the same place and every cost is billed accurately. This allows you to provide transparency to your clients by showing them exactly how much commission you are making on media placements, and makes billing stations and media creators easier and more accurate. 

WorkBook Calculate Media Commissions

New Financial Reports

Month-end reporting isn’t always the simplest process, so we’ve added some additional reports in this release to help make month-end reporting a bit easier. With the addition of five new reports, the Finance Team can now slice and dice Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reporting to get exactly the information they need. 

The new Profit & Loss vs. Budget report and Balance Sheet vs. Budget report allow you to select a budget to which you want to compare P&L or Balance Sheet actuals.

Similarly, the new Profit & Loss with Period Comparison report, Balance Sheet with Period Comparison report and Trial Balance with Comparison report all allow you to compare your current period actuals to a prior period, with difference amount and percentage columns included.

Access external URLs in IFrames

Now you can maintain the efficiency of your natural workflow without jumping from browser tab to browser tab. WorkBook 12.1 allows users to embed external URLs, like their agency’s intranet site, into their WorkBook dashboard using IFrames, making them accessible from the same system.

WorkBook IFrames

Search & Highlight Within Grids

Agencies run at the speed of light, so any feature that helps users get their jobs done while saving time is valuable. And as your agency gets busier and the Jobs List grows, it may take longer to find what you need. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to find what you need in version 12.1. By adjusting your Grid Settings, you can now search for and highlight a cell or text that matches your query.

WorkBook Highlight Search Query

Microsoft Exchange Authentication

Because Microsoft will be deprecating basic authentication as of October 2020, WorkBook 12.1 supports enhanced authentication so that you can maintain Calendar syncing through your integration with Outlook. By adjusting your System Settings before that date, and according to the “Reconfiguring WorkBook to use Microsoft OAuth Guide,” WorkBook will support enhanced authentication of Microsoft Exchange. That way there will be no disruption in your ability to view user’s Outlook calendars within WorkBook.

Restrict Mobile App Access

For agencies that wish to limit how employees interact with the WorkBook system from outside the office, WorkBook 12.1 allows System Admins to block users from accessing the WorkBook mobile app. By default, users are not restricted from using the mobile app to interact with the WorkBook system, so your System Admin would need to use Company Variable 67 to restrict mobile app access.

Danish Holiday Act

As of September 1, 2020, employees at Danish agencies can accrue the 2.08 days/month or 25 days per year over a select twelve-month period, and then take that time off over four additional months. WorkBook 12.1 makes it easier for Danish agencies to following the newest PTO accrual rules by updating Company Variable 20 to select Danish Holiday Rules.


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