Level Up Your Agency Management System by Migrating from TrafficLIVE to WorkBook

Posted by Alexandra Wolanin on June 17, 2020

Looking Beyond

Hi there! My name is Alex, and I’m a Senior Customer Success Manager for Deltek WorkBook. In a former life, I was a Project Manager for an agency here in Pittsburgh, PA using a bunch of disparate systems and procedures to manage my projects. When I first saw WorkBook I thought, “Wow…I need this software!" Now, I love sharing the features and functionalities in WorkBook that can bring the benefits I would’ve loved to have back in the day.

As a TrafficLIVE customer, you may be wondering, "What benefits can WorkBook provide that I'm not already enjoying?" As a full end-to-end agency management system, WorkBook certainly has a lot to offer! You get the same functionality you’re used to in TrafficLIVE, plus much, much more.

Here are a few features you might find exciting:

Built-in Collaboration

  • WorkBook conversations can be used to communicate agency-wide, collaborate on the task at hand, or chat privately.

  • Tag other users, including your clients, to bring them into conversations about Jobs, Price Quotes, Tasks, etc.

  • View conversations, notifications, and approvals (Price Quote, Absences, etc.) from your WorkBook Inbox, so you know what needs your attention most.

  • Access your Inbox and participate in conversations on-the-go with our free mobile app for iOS and Android.

Built in collaboration

Integrated CRM

  • Connect your CRM activities to Project Management in order to gain visibility into incoming work and its impact on agency resources, make more accurate revenue forecasts and streamline opportunity hand-off.

  • Track activities and communication with your Prospects, Clients, and Pipelines.

  • Create searches for Resources that meet your target criteria and compile virtual mailing lists.

  • Record important pipeline data like expected net revenue, probability of close, and status to give you a comprehensive picture of pipeline health.

  • View 12-month summary forecast to see how expected net revenue tracks for the year.

CRM pipeline forecast

Quote Building & Budget Tracking

  • Build estimates and budgets that are more reflective of the way projects work by adding multiple quotes or Purchase Orders to a job to account for client changes or scope creep.

  • Make quote creation easier by converting an estimated project plan into a budget and vice versa, create accurate project plans by converting an approved estimate into a schedule.

  • Compare actual hours and costs incurred to the original budget to monitor project progress and prevent over-servicing.

Project Schedule and Resources

Resource Planning

  • Continue to allocate work precisely, with visibility into overall availability and capacity to make better allocation decisions.

  • View availability and capacity by team, skillset, or time period to get the visibility you need.

  • Easily reallocate hours and assignments as things change to balance workload and make quick adjustments.

  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook or Google Mail to sync calendars and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Weekly Schedule Resource Availability


  • With a variety of ways to enter time depending on the user’s role and workflow, WorkBook makes it as simple as possible for Creatives and Basic Users to enter time as they manage their task list, participate in task conversations or use the mobile app.

  • And if you forget, WorkBook will remind you to complete your timesheet with a notification to your Inbox.

Kanban Board Time Entry

Finance Management

  • Fully manage AP & AR, revenue recognition and month-end reporting from the same system.

  • Make precise cash flow and revenue forecasts based on integrated project data.

  • Manage work across multiple companies and currencies in the same system, without the need to log in/out to access data of another company.

  • Set up restrictions to cross-company data as you see fit, including separate finance reporting.

Net Revenue Forecast 10.3

More Reporting Options

  • WorkBook offers more than 400 reports out-of-the-box, available in PDF or Excel.

  • Built-in dashboards give you a digestible view of the KPIs you need to make better decisions.

  • The open API allows you to integrate your reporting to an outside tool, like Microsoft Power BI, for even more robust reporting opportunities.

PL Profitability Dashboard

We’re excited to offer Deltek WorkBook as the next step in systems evolution for our TrafficLIVE clients. 

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about migrating from TrafficLIVE to WorkBook. 


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