What's New in ConceptShare 6.28

Posted by Regan Riddoch on March 23, 2020

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ConceptShare 6.28 goes farther to streamline the review cycle by eliminating unnecessary clicks, expanding review options for PowerPoint files, and making it easier to find and file Feedback Summaries, while giving your team the ability to customize the online proofing experience to fit your unique brand.

Customize the Proofing Experience to Your Brand 

The addition of new branding settings lets you customize the proofing experience for both Coordinators and Reviewers. 

  • Include your logo and customize the sender of outbound email notifications by updating the “Account Name” and “Email Banner” settings. 
  • Configure the login screen by updating the “Logo” setting and change the “Header Text” of your ConceptShare system to reflect your brand identity to internal users.

ConceptShare Branded Email Notification

Get More Done with Less Clicks 

With the release of version 6.28, we’ve made it easier to accelerate the review cycle by eliminating unnecessary clicks when providing feedback and adding Resources. 

  • The Proofing Workspace will now automatically open in the Feedback section so you can start proofing assets faster. 
  • Now when you add a Resource to your ConceptShare account, they are automatically marked “Active.” You can toggle them to “Inactive” before adding them to a Review if necessary. 
  • For integrators, new API settings allow you to set up notifications when a review is ready for proofing and create a URL that takes users directly to a specific asset in a review. This streamlines the experience for Reviewers who can now immediately get to the assets that need their attention as soon as they are ready to review.

Review PowerPoint Notes 

Now when you upload a PowerPoint file for review, Reviewers can give feedback on the text in the notes section of each slide. 

  • This gives you the ability to review the presenter’s content or tone in addition to what will be seen by the audience.

Find & File Feedback Summaries with New File Names 

With the release of version 6.28, Feedback Summaries will now have distinct file names driven by the project, deliverable, asset or review from which they are initiated. 

  • This makes it easier for you to identify and file Feedback Summaries for easy reference.

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