Build A Stronger Client Relationship Through Collaboration and Transparency

Posted by Regan Riddoch on March 11, 2020

Team Collaboration

The Agency/Client Relationship is a hot topic in the Advertising and Marketing industry. Both sides report that the quality of this bond is trending towards the gutter, and there are a lot of different reasons attributed towards this decline, with fingers pointing both ways. Putting blame aside however, agencies and in-house teams have the power to avoid these pitfalls and build stronger relationships by choosing an agency management system that helps Clients and Brand Managers collaborate effectively so that they can be a valuable asset to the creative process.

Together, WorkBook and ConceptShare provide agencies with an integrated agency management solution designed for the roles Project and Resource Managers, Creatives, Finance AND the Client all play in the creative production process. Deltek Agency Solutions allow agencies to provide their clients with the transparency they want and simple tools they need to participate in the creative process.

WorkBook Client Portal

The Client Portal gives Clients and Brand Managers limited access to your WorkBook system. From here, they can submit job requests and review project status information. This gives THEM visibility into how an unexpected request may impact other projects and gives YOU the support to negotiate appropriate compensation.

WorkBook Client Portal

ConceptShare Online Proofing

ConceptShare streamlines the review and approval process so that projects don’t get delayed by unexpected revision rounds or misunderstood feedback. When a creative asset is ready to review, the Client gets an email notification giving them direct access to Proofing Workspace where they can easily markup the asset, leave comments and communicate with other reviewers. This gives THEM an easy way to fulfill their role in the R&A process and gives YOU clear, actionable feedback the first time, every time. Try it free for 30 days

ConceptShare Proofing Workspace

WorkBook Collaboration

WorkBook’s built-in collaboration features allow Clients to participate in project-related conversations and share files that are automatically stored within the appropriate job or task. This gives THEM an easier way to give you what you need and gives YOU a break from searching endless email chains and filing documents where they belong.

WorkBook Collaboration

Deltek Agency Solutions can help you break down the barriers that are keeping you from building a better relationship with your Clients by making transparency, participation and collaboration easier. 


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