Make Daily Tasks Easier With These WorkBook Tips and Tricks

Posted by Rene Praestholm on February 12, 2020

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WorkBook makes agency management easier – not only by streamlining people, projects and finance into the same system to give you better information to make better decisions - but also by giving you intuitive features that enhance user experience and make your daily tasks that much more efficient and productive. Check out the tips and tricks below that help make managing your daily tasks easier with WorkBook.

Built-in Calculator

In any amount cell you can use the built-in calculator. Simply input your formula (you don’t need to enter the = sign in front), and the calculator will give you the result.


Drag n’ drop Tasks

In the Gantt chart view, you are able to drag n’ drop tasks to easily adjust a project schedule. Simply select the task and drag n’ drop it to the correct date or move it from one phase to another.


Reschedule a Number of Tasks

When you need to move one task as well as the tasks that follow, WorkBook makes it easier to move a group of selected tasks and bookings, while maintaining the current duration and plan structure.

Simply select the tasks within the Reschedule Tasks window and enter the new duration, start date or deadline date to update the schedule in one click.


In the event that the task rescheduling causes an issue for team capacity or availability, WorkBook alerts you to adjust the affected assignments by giving you a warning sign as shown here:


Modify Grids

Grids can easily be adjusted to suit your needs almost everywhere within WorkBook. For example, if you want to group and summarize information by Employee, select Modify Grid…


…and group by Employee. 


Export Grid Data

All grid data can be exported to Excel or in a CSV format.


Grid layout (groupings, column order etc.) is maintained after export.


Link to Files

Easily share files from WorkBook via email without attachments.

Within the documents tab of the job, you can copy a link to the file to your clipboard. You can also configure your system to limit the amount of time the link is valid or the number of times the document can be downloaded.


Then paste the link in an email instead of attaching the document.


Built by agency veterans, WorkBook makes it easier to manage your daily tasks so that you can focus on your clients and make strategic decisions for the future. More than just software, WorkBook is a partner that helps make agency management easy, so you can focus on what’s important.



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