What's New in WorkBook 12

Posted by Regan Riddoch on January 21, 2020

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Empower your agency with WorkBook version 12. As a fully integrated agency management system, WorkBook provides best practice solutions and actionable insights that help you make better decisions. This release includes new features that give more users access to Net Revenue Forecasting so they can take ownership of their impact on your agency’s bottom line. And with new financial reports and a continued focus on performance, WorkBook 12 makes it easier to understand future revenue, manage reporting, and control cash flow.


Greater visibility into Net Revenue Forecast for non-finance users

Empower Account Services, Client Partners and other non-finance users to take ownership of their impact on agency revenue by giving them visibility into your agency’s Net Revenue Forecast. This kind of transparency gives them a valuable role in ensuring an accurate picture of agency health with more visibility and control over client and project performance.

Now, Advanced Users without access to the finance module can use insights from the NRF to:

  • Build a healthy Client portfolio by understanding how certain clients and jobs contribute to the agency’s bottom line.
  • Continually track revenue goals and take actions to meet them.
  • Inform accurate revenue recognition by updating job progress monthly.
  • Shape your New Business strategy with insight into how incoming work impacts expected revenue.
  • Give the Management Team a more precise picture of the months to come.

New financial reports

WorkBook 12 makes agency finance more efficient with new reports that are intuitive to how a finance role would pull information. These new reports automate how accounts are connected and require less filtering to get the data you need. So now you can get a holistic view of agency profitability, cash flow and net position on a particular job without having to pull additional or unnecessary reports.

Pay vendors when you get paid

With WorkBook 12, your agency no longer has to act like a bank for your clients. This new feature simplifies Accounts Payable and ensures that you are only paying creditor invoices that you’ve been paid for by allowing you to park vendor payments until the client pays you. 

Enhanced performance and security

In our ongoing effort to improve performance, scalability and security, WorkBook 12 includes key improvements that build a strong functional foundation by eliminating performance bottlenecks and ensuring quality and reliability.



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