What's New in ConceptShare 6.26?

Posted by Regan Riddoch on November 18, 2019

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At Deltek, we’re always working to make our agency solutions better. That’s why we listen to your feedback and work diligently to incorporate new features and enhancements that make our products work better for you. The latest release of ConceptShare is a testament to that promise.

ConceptShare 6.26 now gives agencies and internal teams more control to configure the review and approval (R&A) process to their team’s specific workflow, while making it easier to access the Customer Support they need.

Reviewer Roles

With Reviewer Roles, reviews can be configured to better fit your team’s specific workflow. Now you can create a review and assign each Reviewer a specific role to play, without requiring a response or approval from every participant.

When you create a new review, the new Review Roles appear as you add participants. The new role indicates their responsibilities, controls their permissions and guides their experience at the same time. And you can customize these roles based on what works for your team.

Now Creatives can view and discuss comments with Clients, Clients can approve assets, and other Reviewers can participate at various levels of involvement, all within the same review.

Automatic “Isolate Feedback”

You told us it was confusing when assets traveled from review to review with every comment attached, so we made it simpler by making “Isolate Feedback” standard for every review.

Now, all comments made on an asset are automatically isolated to that specific review, without being visible to anyone else in a concurrent or subsequent review of the same asset. No more confusion about who sees which comments on a shared asset.

New Help Menu

We’ve made it easier for you to access Customer Support. Whether you want some quick info about a feature or need to contact your Customer Success Manager, the new Help Menu gives you more options.

The new Help Menu includes your current version number and directs users to the Knowledge Base, Customer Care and Release Notes. Users can easily search the Knowledge Base and Authorized Support Contacts can directly access the Support Center to submit a case.

And Customers with segregated instances have the ability to configure where each menu item links to or hide Help Menu options in accordance with their own internal support processes.

(For those customers with segregated instances that wish to configure the Help Menu, please contact Customer Care.)

Jira Server 8

Now teams that use Jira Server 8 to manage the creative process can bring the R&A cycle into their current project management workflow. Maintain the integrity of your Jira agile workflow by integrating the R&A process with ConceptShare. Project Managers can now see the status of all content reviews right from their Jira projects and you can invite both internal and external reviewers to participate in the process – no Jira access or training required.



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