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Posted by Regan Riddoch on October 18, 2019

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Timesheets: the most hated thing in your agency aside from an empty beer fridge. And contrary to popular belief, they’re not just a struggle for Creatives, but something everyone in your agency equally despises for a number of reasons:

  • Remembering multiple digit job numbers for multiple projects for multiple days is almost impossible
  • Trying to remember how many hours were spent on which job or task can be ridiculously time-consuming
  • Most importantly, if you’re constantly focused on how much time you’re spending on a task, it can be a barrier to creativity

But for agencies that scope project work based on hours, unfortunately timesheets are a necessity. So what are you supposed to do?

Break down those barriers with WorkBook.

WorkBook is built by agency people for agency people. So when it comes to entering time, WorkBook makes it easy for anyone, including Creatives, to enter time quickly and accurately so they can get back to doing what’s important.

WorkBook integrates task management and time entry so that users can easily track and enter time spent on tasks as they’re doing them and moving to the next. If you manage your tasks on the Kanban board, you can start a timer to begin recording time as soon as you open up an assigned task to look at the brief. And when its time to move that task card to a new category, simply enter time then or just stop the timer.

If the Kanban board isn’t your style, you can enter time as you submit rounds for review or participate in task-related conversations. Simply enter time spent into the task conversation as you go along.

If by chance you forget, WorkBook notifies you to follow up on an incomplete timesheet from your Inbox. Just click on the notification to easily enter time directly to the task.

For purists that prefer to enter their time directly into the timesheet, WorkBook makes it quick and easy by automatically populating your assigned tasks and allocated hours so you never have to search for job numbers or question how much time should be entered.

Already left the office for happy hour? No problem. With the WorkBook mobile app, you can access your assigned tasks and easily enter time from anywhere.

By integrating task management with time entry and providing a number of different ways to enter time, WorkBook makes it easy for anyone to submit accurate timesheets – on time and in real-time.

And when you’re confident in your time data:

  • Resource Managers can be confident that workload is balanced and nobody is at risk of burning out
  • Project Managers can be confident that budget data is accurate and project margins are safe



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