Beat the Five Biggest Agency Challenges with Deltek Agency Solutions

Posted by Regan Riddoch on June 28, 2019


Agencies and in-house marketing teams face a lot of the same daily challenges. And although many agencies attempt to overcome these challenges by employing a software solution, that approach can get out of hand quickly when your tech stack suddenly includes a different tool for every problem.

Agencies without a fully integrated end-to-end project and resource management solution struggle to manage over-servicing, control costs and employee burnout before it’s too late. And those that still use email or physical job jackets to manage the Review and Approval (R&A) process are plagued by unnecessary rework, risks to deadlines, and client frustration that only serve to exacerbate the aforementioned challenges.

Enter Deltek Agency Solutions

By integrating ConceptShare’s online proofing capabilities with WorkBook’s front-end PSA or full suite ERP solution, agencies and in-house teams alike can now benefit from one powerful tool that provides better control, insight and visibility into agency operations, so their teams can deliver more creative content on time and on budget.

With Deltek Agency Solutions, your agency can overcome the biggest challenges agencies face today.

Challenge 1: Bringing in more or better business

  • Boost win rates and client margins by identifying profitable business to nurture and pursue
  • Build stronger relationships with your current clients by showing them you value their time and their input with tools that make it easier for them to participate in the process

Challenge 2: Managing over-servicing and scope creep

  • Avoid over-servicing and scope creep by building accurate estimates based on historical agency performance
  • Reduce R&A bottlenecks by keeping the review team aligned on what needs their attention and when with reviewer dashboards and deadline reminders

Challenge 3: Resource planning and balancing workload

  • Improve utilization and achieve better workload balance with greater visibility into resource availability and capacity
  • Boost productivity and free up capacity by reducing unnecessary rework caused by late or unclear feedback

Challenge 4: Managing profitability and controlling costs

  • Reduce unbillable hours spent reconciling data from spreadsheets and disparate tools and streamline agency workflow by integrating agency operations into one, easy to use tool
  • Streamline the month-end closing process to recoup valuable time
  • Reconcile revision rounds with contract terms to ensure accurate invoicing

Challenge 5: Being more proactive to fix issues before it’s too late

  • Identify issues in the production process and take preventative action with detailed project views that give you real-time visibility into project progress

Deltek Agency Solutions provides agencies with purpose-built software solutions that integrate to streamline workflow across the entire creative production process.

Designed for the roles Project and Resource Managers, Creatives, Finance and the Client play in the creative production process, Deltek Agency Solutions allow users to participate in the way that fits their natural and productive workflow without losing valuable functionality.

By using WorkBook and ConceptShare together as one powerful agency management solution, agencies and in-house teams have the opportunity to close the gap caused by manual processes and a schizophrenic tech stack to recapture wasted time, capacity and margin.



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