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Posted by Regan Riddoch on April 19, 2019

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Is your review team too slammed to look at content and give you the green light to deliver? And what if when they finally get around to it, they say the logo needs to be bigger? Is there enough time to make the revision and get them to look at it again? No matter how flexible your timeline is, getting the team to review, give feedback and approve content can be time consuming and stressful.

But with ConceptShare, the days of chasing reviewers down the halls, sliding proofs under bathroom stall doors or camping outside their offices to get feedback and approvals are over. Simply create a ConceptShare review, and invite the review team to efficiently collaborate on feedback and give timely approvals, so you can get more content out the door on time and on budget.

Creating a Review

After creating a Project, simply click the “Get Feedback” button.

Then outline the review parameters and notify the review team of exactly what needs to be done and by when.

An email notification will be sent to every Resource on the review team and the review will also appear on their My Reviews screen so they can prioritize the reviews that need their attention.

The team will then need to submit a "Feedback Complete" response to indicate they are done.

Is it ready to be approved by the client? Create a new review and upload the internally approved version of the asset. Choose “Approval” from the review type dropdown to require an Approve, or Reject response from your reviewers to complete. You can even set a rule to automatically approve the asset when everyone has given the proverbial thumbs up.

An email notification will be sent to each Resource assigned. External reviewers that do not have a license won’t have a My Reviews dashboard, but will be able to access the review’s Proofing Workspace directly from the link in the notification.

Reviewers can then easily access the Proofing Workspace and begin entering their feedback. Intuitive markup tools allow them to clarify exactly what changes they are requesting.

Once they have completed the review, you now have all reviewers’ feedback in one central place so you can quickly begin making revisions.

When revisions have been made, the newest version of the asset is uploaded over the old to ensure reviewers are always looking at the most up-to-date asset. Reviewers are then notified of the newest version and can go back to the Proofing Workspace to give their final approval.

By centralizing communication and facilitating collaboration with ConceptShare, your team can now:

  • Accelerate the review cycle
  • Reduce unnecessary rework and production costs
  • Boost productivity
  • Deliver more faster and at less cost


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