What's New in WorkBook 10.3

Posted by Regan Riddoch on March 20, 2019

Deltek Product Release Information

Over the past year, Deltek has doubled down on its commitment to the creative  industry by offering not one, but two purpose-built software solutions to Agencies and In-House Teams. And with the release of WorkBook 10.3, your agency will be able to integrate both products into one powerful, total agency management solution.

With the installation of version 10.3, WorkBook customers will be able to integrate Deltek ConceptShare, an online proofing tool that streamlines the creative production process by accelerating reviews and approvals so your agency can deliver more content faster and at less cost.

Together, Deltek Agency Solutions allow users to participate in the way that fits their natural and productive workflow without losing valuable functionality - giving you better control, insight and visibility into agency operations, so your team can deliver more creative content on time and on budget.


Integrate with ConceptShare

Online proofing and review management is embedded within every WorkBook project so you never have to interrupt your natural workflow to submit rounds and get feedback.

Create a review

Schedule ConceptShare email notifications to keep the review team aligned so you always know when an asset needs to be reviewed, the team or client has submitted feedback and when a new version has been uploaded.

Version notification

Record a detailed history of asset revisions within each project to help you monitor rounds of revisions and itemize changes made so you can stick to the project scope.

Filtered Feedback in WorkBook

Financial & Regulatory Support

WorkBook can assist you in following governmental regulation best practices like GDPR and Digital VAT Submission in the UK.

  • Now you can anonymize employees and contacts that are no longer with your agency in order to scrub their identifying information from the system and protect their data.
  • For our UK customers we have built in financial functionality that will assist you in submitting VAT digitally to the HMRC.

Register to watch how WorkBook and ConceptShare work together to help you streamline the creative production process.

*As of January 21, 2019, Deltek is no longer make enhancements or fixes for WorkBook versions utilizing the Silverlight platform, including anything before version 10.0.

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