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Deltek Vision is a leading project-based solution for professional services firms to manage their clients, projects and finances. More than 4,000 customers around the globe use Vision to win more business, manage more profitable projects and have greater insight into their financial health. This blog provides key product updates, tips and tricks and insight from Deltek’s product experts so you can Do More with Vision. We’ll also cover common challenges for professional services firms and how Deltek can help. Come join the conversation.

9 Results for Category Benchmarking

The Results are In: The 37th Annual Clarity Architecture and Engineering Industry Report

Register for the entire complimentary Clarity A&E Industry webinar series and report by clicking here. In every team sport, before going into comp...

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Big Data Will Transform Your Company: An ACEC Panel Recap

A panel of industry experts at the ACEC Spring conference share how big data will transform your company - what are the steps your firm needs to make to stay in the game?

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Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study: Key Characteristics of High Performing Firms

When a bench player becomes part of the starting lineup, there is a turning point when the average person decides good isn’t good enough. Architecture & engineering (A&E) is no different. There are truly great firms – best places to work, top design firms, top emerging firms, etc. What makes these firms great and separates them from everyone else? In this year’s Deltek Clarity A&E Clarity Study, we broke out a group of high performers to see what makes them successful. Read on to find out more.

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Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study: Key Income Statement Metrics You Need to Monitor

Getting a better understanding of key benchmarking metrics for the AE industry can help your firm focus on what matters most. So, what are some of the key financial KPIs and how does your firm measure up?

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Clarity Recipe for Success

36th Annual Deltek Clarity Report Highlights

Running a successful A&E firm is like a recipe for a great meal – you need the right ingredients and the right quantities to achieve the desired outcome. But, for A&E firms, what are those ingredients and who determines the perfect balance or quantities for each ingredient? The Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study gives leaders critical benchmarks to see how they measure up in the industry and where there are opportunities for improvement.

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A&E Industry Benchmarking Study for 2015

Learn how to measure, manage and grow your A&E firm with key insights from the 36th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study. Understand how your financial, project management and business development performance stacks up against your AE peers and competitors.

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A&E Financial Performance Benchmarks: Utilization Rate

Next in Deltek's series of blog posts analyzing financial performance benchmarks for architecture and engineering (A&E) firms, we look at Utilization rate.

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Operating Profit 10 Year Trend

2014 A&E Financial Performance Benchmarks: Operating Profit Rate

Conducted from January to April 2014, 355 US and Canadian firms participated in the 35th annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study that examined 2013 financials. We poured over more than 250,000 data points about their 2013 financial condition and market outlook.

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Understanding High Performing A&E Firms

Financial analysis is an exercise all A&E CEOs & Principals must obviously conduct for Strategic Planning, not just for of monitoring operations. Basic analysis includes ‘benchmarking’ against other firms. Why not benchmark against “High Performing Firms” instead of just the A&E industry’s averages?

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