Deltek Vision Users: Eight Reasons to Attend Deltek Insight 2021

Posted by Megan Miller on July 20, 2021

Deltek Insight 2021

In just a few weeks, Deltek Insight is coming to you virtually! Thousands of Deltek users will join together for two days of content, connection and customer appreciation. This year, Deltek Vision users can hear directly from product managers, get insight into the roadmap and learn tips and tricks from the experts. Whether you have joined us in person for Insight in the past or this is your first Insight, register today and join us virtually September 14-15, 2021 – you won’t want to miss this year’s lineup!


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Here are a few reasons why you can’t miss Virtual Insight 2021:

Eight Reasons to Attend Deltek Insight 2021

Strengthen Your Product Knowledge

The #1 reason people attend Insight year over year is for the product sessions—and this year won’t disappoint. As your company continues to learn about and prepare for your upgrade to Vantagepoint, Deltek Insight is the perfect place for you. You will gain insight into the product roadmap, learn best practices from the experts and see how to make Vantagepoint work better for you.

Not using Vantagepoint yet? No problem! These sessions will provide many tips and tricks that can be leveraged in Vision today as you continue to prepare.

There are four sub-tracks – business development/marketing, project management, financial management and administration – so you can join the sessions that are right for your role and encourage your colleagues to join too.

With an all-access pass, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with speakers in dozens of live sessions to help improve usability, streamline your processes and improve efficiency. Here are some sessions you won’t want to miss:

All Vision and Vantagepoint users should attend the Vantagepoint Product Kick-off (VPKO) and Vantagepoint Wrap Up (VPWU) sessions where you’ll hear from familiar experts like Bret Tushaus, Melissa Coffey, Dawn Gajewski, Teresa Bever and more to get your teams excited about the future of Vantagepoint with a glimpse into the roadmap and much more.

You can also check out a session specifically for Vision users – What You Need to Know to Upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint (VP-43) with tips and tricks to make your upgrade a success.

Top sessions for business developers and marketers:

  • What’s New in Vantagepoint CRM and Proposals (VP-11)
  • Monitor Business Development and Marketing Activities with Reports and Dashboards (VP-13)
  • Get Ahead of RFPs with the GovWin IQ to Vantagepoint Integration (VP-14)
  • Create Winning Proposals with Vantagepoint (VP-16)
  • And much more!

Top sessions for project managers:

  • Year of the Project Manager: A PM’s View into Vantagepoint (VP-22)
  • Winning Profitable Work with Vantagepoint (VP-23)
  • Project Initiation: Setting Up the Project for Success (VP-24)
  • Project Execution: Monitoring Project Progress (VP-26)
  • And much more!

Top sessions for financial leaders:

  • What’s New in Finance (VP-31)
  • Streamline the Draft Invoice Approvals Process (VP-32)
  • Create Financial Dashparts to Gain Instant Visibility into Business Success (VP-33)
  • Improve Expense Processes while Increasing Control and Accuracy (VP-34)
  • And much more!

Top sessions for system Administrators:

  • Designing Effective Dashparts: Tips and Tricks from the Experts (VP-43)
  • Hear from Your Peers: Vantagepoint Game Changers that Have Shaped Business Success (VP-45)
  • Efficiently Manage User-Defined Fields, Layouts and Security Using the Screen Designer (VP-47)
  • How Vantagepoint Intelligence Can Drive Business Decisions (VP-48)
  • And much more!

Whether you have been using Vision for years or you are just starting to explore Vantagepoint, there’s sessions for everyone on this year’s agenda so be sure to register today.

Explore Complementary Deltek Solutions

During Virtual Insight, we encourage you to check out other Deltek solutions that can help your company power your project success.  If your company is using more than one Deltek solution, you All-Access Pass enables teams to attend the sessions most relevant to their business. You can join sessions or visit the XPO to learn about solutions like Deltek PIM, Human Capital Management, Deltek Specification Solutions and more! Just filter the session catalog by role or product to learn more and visit the XPO to get more details on how these solutions can help your company.

Learn How Deltek is Committed to Your Success

Expand your knowledge beyond Vision and Vantagepoint and learn how Deltek is committed to your overall business success. The Customer Experience (CX) track includes sessions that highlight Deltek’s commitment to help invigorate and protect your business. All attendees can join customer experience sessions including:

  • See how the Deltek Partner Marketplace helps customers realize greater ROI on their investment through complementary software, services, bots and integrations (CX-01)
  • Explore the redesigned approach to Virtual Live Learning to provide you the tools you need to succeed with Deltek University (CX-04)
  • Learn how the Deltek Cloud provides scalability, security and support (CX-05)
  • Uncover ever-changing compliance and privacy needs of businesses around the world (CX-06)
  • Discover how Deltek’s integration strategy with other technology tools will help you drive efficiencies, productivity and collaboration within your organization (CX-07)
  • And much more!

Sign Up for One-on-One Meetings with Experts

There are plenty of opportunities during Virtual Insight to engage with the experts. An all-access pass gives you the opportunity to schedule Meet the Expert appointments, which is your opportunity to meet one on one with Deltek experts to get your questions answered. Be sure you check out the Meet the Experts appointments.

Network with Other Users

As a Deltek user, one of the many benefits is that you have a community of users you can connect with to answer questions, create user groups and share best practices for leveraging your Deltek solution. Through Braindates, Insight provides a place where you can build these relationships virtually that can benefit your company for years to come.

Stimulate Your Staff with Keynote Speakers

There’s more to Insight than just expanding your product knowledge. At this year’s event, you can join our general sessions focused on the importance of powering your business, emerging trends in business software, and mentally thriving in the face of overload and competition with our keynote speakers Mike Corkery, Michael Fauscette and Jim Kwik. You’ll also hear from Deltek leaders on driving purposeful innovation and our commitment to delivering quality products. Empower your teams beyond the products and encourage them to attend these inspirational sessions. NOTE: These sessions are available at no cost to users, so invite your entire team to join and be inspired.

Access Content from Around the Globe

Because this year’s event is virtual, your teams have access to valuable content across all time zones. For our European customers, Meet the Expert appointments, Insight XPO and opportunities to interact with other attendees are available throughout the entire day. Teams can interact with Vision and Vantagepoint experts during live afternoon and evening sessions or they can watch those same sessions on demand when it’s convenient for them.

Empower All Users to Access the Right Information

This year’s event offers an All-Access Pass that gives your teams the ability to explore breakout sessions by role, schedule one-on-one Meet the Expert sessions and take part in brain dates for virtual networking with other users. We also offer a Limited-Access Pass designed for attendees interested in attending general sessions with keynote speakers and perusing the Insight XPO, where you can chat with event sponsors to learn about their solutions and services.

We look forward to having you join us for Virtual Insight in September. Be sure you register today and don’t forget to invite your teams, colleagues, user groups and more to experience Virtual Insight 2021!


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