Improve Invoice Efficiency with Vision Invoice Template Editor

Posted by Terri Agnew on September 13, 2018


Did you know you can add Projects Info Center fields to an invoice using the Invoice Template editor? 

Do you consistently export invoices from Vision and edit them to add data you already have in the Projects Info Center?  If you are, save yourself some time and use the Invoice Template editor to add that field to your Invoice Header or Footer.  In this post, you will learn how to add fields from the project info center to your invoice template so you can save time and improve efficiency for billing. 

Add Project Information to Invoice Template

In the example below, this firm needs to add the billing client’s project number, project manager and the purchase order number as well as the internal project manager to each invoice.  These client-related fields are not standard fields in Vision. Follow the steps below to make this work for your firm.

  • First, add the client-related custom fields to the Projects Info Center through Configuration>General>User Defined Components (see help for additional steps)
  • Next, go to your Invoice Template Editor under the Billing menu 
  • Select the invoice template you want to edit from the top right Search area
  • Under the “Project Info” tab, you will see a grid called “Project Column Selection.” 
    • To add additional fields, click the “Insert” in the top right of the grid to create a new row 
    • Check the “Select” box to have the field show on the invoice
    • Find the field in the “Column Name” box.   Standard Vision Project fields (non-grid) will list first.  Custom fields will be at the bottom of the list.  Select the field you want to add.
    • Label the field with a name that will show on the invoice in the “Label” column
    • The next six columns are where the field will appear on the invoice, how large the field will be, the location and if the field should be bold.  The location of the field can be tricky to place.  We suggest using field you already have in the header as your starting guide possibly from the general tab in the Invoice Block.
    • Repeat these steps for all additional fields you want to add to the header or footer.


    • Then, test the invoice by using the Invoice Selection tab and selecting a project as a sample 
    • Preview the invoice both on the screen and in PDF format as sometimes the fields move slightly in PDF and look a little different than preview.  If needed, go back to the Project Column Selection and adjust the top and left margins or widths.


Add Company Logo to Invoice Template

If you are printing invoices on letterhead, but would rather email invoices with your logo already printed on it, you can do so by uploading your logo image and adding to the Invoice Template editor.  Add the image from the top blue menu bar under “images.”  Then, select the invoice template you want to add the logo to.  Go to the Images tab and select the image from the drop down and position the image and size the image as needed.  Preview your invoice on the screen and by PDF to make sure it appears where you want it to be. 

I hope these examples allow you to improve your billing efficiency and greatly reduce or eliminate the need to export invoices and edit them outside of Vision.