Business Development Enhancements for iAccess 2.2

Posted by Teresa Nelson on January 5, 2016

Vision 7.5 Header

Find relevant information faster with custom searches, saved searches and reports, and more information on the dashboard.

The new advanced search in the Business Development and Project Management workspaces is very powerful, yet simple to use.


Simply begin typing in any of the search fields and select an option from the list. You can even select the "contains" option for a broader search in lookup fields, like Client contains "medical." The Add Field link at the bottom of the search enables you to add nearly any field, including user defined fields.


You can save searches and use them in reports in order to find exactly what you need in the future.


You can also save reports in the Business Development workspace. Just selected the desired columns, filter, and column sorting and click the save icon in the toolbar.


 The Dashboard has also been enhanced to include a list of upcoming activities assigned to you and your active opportunities. Click on an opportunity or contact link to dive deeper into the details.


With the new custom search, saved reports and dashboard enhancements, you can easily find what you need!