Vision 7.5: Save Time with Vision Bank Statement Reconciliation

Posted by Melissa Coffey on December 14, 2015

Vision 7.5 Header

We have heard lots of excitement around the bank statement reconciliation. Customers are looking forward to saving time and effort with the ability to import Bank Statements into Vision and take advantage of the automatic matching process.

From within the Bank Statement Reconciliation, you can import a .csv or .txt file that includes your bank transactions. Vision will automatically match transactions; checks will match based on check number and amount and everything else will match based on date and amount.


Because of the difference in the way transactions might be entered in Vision compared to how they are recorded at the bank, it is likely there will still be some remaining transactions that need to be reconciled manually. By clicking on the amount associated with an unmatched, imported transaction, Vision will provide a simple way to match that bank transaction to a Vision posted record. The matching options will even provide some suggestions based on the amount and date. In addition, you can match multiple Vision records to a single bank transaction and vice versa.


In addition, we have simplified the process for entering bank transactions like interest revenue and bank fees. Once the core transaction details (project and GL account) are defined within configuration for interest revenue and bank fees, you just need to enter the amounts on each bank statement. With a single click, Vision will create the transaction files to update your GL and even post automatically and clear on the statement with proper security access.


Once your firm is using Vision 7.5, try importing your bank statement to see the benefits that many users are already experiencing.